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October 26, 2006


I was born in Texas and now live in New Jersey. I've been a teacher, freelance writer, and Dad. The last album I bought was Ike Reilly's Salesmen & Racists. And I once spent 2 weeks in an Eastern European hospital because of a really bad ham sandwich.

Live in Cape Breton, NS CANADA. Mom of 3 girls(6 yr old and twins almost 3).

I was born in NJ but fled north to MA to go to college and never went back. I am a pediatrician and I married a teacher. She is now retired from teaching since we have four children - ages 5, 3, 1, and 1. That's right we just had to go for the third and got the bonus forth at the same time - I blame her mother since my wife's oldest brothers are twins. This blog is a very bright spot in a day with too many children! Thanks for sharing.

I live in Londonderry, NH, am a mom who occasionally works part-time to help with Christmas or other expenses and to maintain my sanity and belief that someday when the kids are older, I'll be back in the regular work force. In the meantime, I get to stay home to raise my 4 boys, aging between 2-1/2 and 9 years old. Your blog is so cool I have it linked on mine ho hum blog: stanleystimilestones.blogspot.com

I am a father of 2 (with another one on the way) living outside of Boston. I started reading your blog because well…you started reading mine!

I am the co-founder of a site called Noodad.com, a site dedicated to honest (sometimes blunt) information geared only for dads. A sort of lovechild of Babycenter.com content and Maxim Magazine swagger.

Anyways, love the writing. Thanks for an enjoying read.

I'm a former Software Engineer turned SAHM in Columbia, Maryland with 2.5-year-old twin boys. I was a math major in college. We used to laugh at the philosphy majors. It doesn't matter anymore. We ALL became software engineers, anyway. Enjoy you weekend and feel free to leave us a link to another silly video.

I'm a former military brat, so I've been a few places most people haven't heard of (one of which was made famous by a large ditch). I currently work on a military base as a civilian in the same building my Mom and Dad worked in 30-some years ago. This apple has stayed close to it's tree. Most of my life has been, sadly, spent in Delaware although I have visited NJ more than I wish to admit to. I have twin boys who are getting close to 18 months of age. I may look 16, get carded for alcohol, cigarettes and movies (yes, even movies), but I feel 135.

Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm a stay at home dad too. Well, atleast 2 days a week. Left my full time job in May to yake care of Jasper, our almost 9mo son. We have a 3 year old daughter, Reigann, too. The other days I am a Freelance photographer.

I live in North Carolina (by way of Texas) and am a full-time grad student -- don't get much studying done these days, because I also have a 2-month old son. I don't know how you do it with twins; I am challenged with only one! Love the blog!

Wife, proud mother of 3, grandmother of 5, former "empty-nester" but we forgot to bolt the door when they left. Had a spell with the oldest back, now have daughter and twin boys here. Perhaps the porch light is attracting them? Former AF wife ("We're going where???! In 2 months???") Been to the big ditch; was the only one in the delivery room that spoke English. Born in NJ, raised in Ocean Co, then 10 yrs in FL, then DE, Panama, Upstate NY, then back to DE. Damn good cook, and enjoy handcrafts, knitting, quilting.

Mom to a 20-month-old son (not really named Django, but that's what we called him in ute). Trying to finish a dissertation in psychology. Left-handed, short (4'11"), and 10 lbs overweight. Lucky enough to have a husband who is a fabulous cook (see previous statement). I can't remember how I found your blog, but you write well, and that's what keeps me coming back. Well, that, and trying to figure out Lila's sock-speak (are you SURE she wasn't saying homeostasis??).

hee hee-- also friends with Tapey's mom. :)

Writer-on-the-Home Front Mum, living and breathing (cough, cough) in New Jersey. Recently moved back to the US from a long stint in London. Have a 6 year-old in class with Kathryn (Jonathan) and a 10 year-old at the middle school. Enjoy reading this well-written and oft-times hilarious blog. Married to a Philosophy major too (but he switched to Economics when it dawned on him that he had to earn money to eat).

I've posted before; found you in a posting in the St. Louis Mother's of Twins message board. Became a mother at age 45 of twin boys of which I named Midlife and Crisis. We just celebrated their 4th birthday. At age 11 they will be eligible for social security benefits. You gotta love this country.

My name is NOT Liesel, my son is NOT Daniel, but everything else about me is true. I was born and raised in New England, of decidedly dysfunctional Puritan stock. I am a firm believer in the power of humor to help us keep what little sanity we have, and that is why I visit Every.Single.Day. (Even on the weekends, when I know you aren't posting. I can't help myself.) My OCD tendencies extend to my own blog:
where I post Every.Single.Day. I can't help it. At least it keeps me from checking if I left the stove on... usually.

Right on, everybody! Keep it up. If I were the type, I'd be clapping my hands with delight at the response. As it is, maybe I'll crack open a beer instead. I mean, it is after breakfast.

I'm Kathryn's proud Godfather. I knew The Dad in college when he used to host the famous Blue Bus parties-- I have a feeling this post may get cut by The Dad for saying that-- but I imagine that's a subject for another blog. I now work in the mental health field, and I'm not sure if those things are connected in any way.

I really like being able to read about Kathryn, Lila, and Victoria's goings on. The stories constantly make me laugh, which is especially great while I'm being a SAHD for my little 4-month-old girl!

Found you via the Twinstuff website and I absolutely love your blog. I laughed so hard at my desk yesterday reading you for the first time that I sounded like a farm animal. Surely my coworkers think I'm insane.

I'm a mother of boy/girl 6 month old twins and was one of those "I can balance a full-time high-tech management job and twins no problem" crazy Type A's who had quite the rude awakening upon going back to work after a 4 month maternity leave. Miss them like crazy during the day, but also realized I am not cut out to be a SAHM full time and can only bow in the presence of those that do it all day, everyday. Thank god for the best mother-in-law in the world who watches them.

I am at SAHM of 18 month old twin girls. We are from St. Louis (GO CARDS!) I love reading your blog everyday at nap time and usually laugh out loud. I am a member of the St. Louis Mother of Twins club and recently posted the link to your blog on our message board for others to enjoy. Thanks!

I'm a scientist from Pennsylvania. I don't have kids, but I had plenty of younger siblings. I read your wonderful blog from work while I'm waiting for experiments to finish-- don't remember how I found it, but glad I did. Sometimes I show my husband the exceptionally funny stories (my favorite being the Dunkin Donuts fiasco), but I think I'm scaring him away from having children, so I don't think I'll show him anymore. Keep it up!

Howdy! Born and raised in Texas. And will never leave!! Mom to 18 month old boy/girl twins. I spend most of my day wondering how I can sneak out of work without being caught. I'm thinking a body double....

I found out about The Dad from reading Baristanet. I have an 18 yr old son who is a senior in HS and getting ready to graduate and start his new life chapter, a soon to be 11 yr old daughter who is in 5th grade, 1 husband, 1 (highly neurotic) dog and 2 cats (who could be twins, they are brother & sister, so they are fraternal!) a full time job and not enough time to do everything that I want to.

Texas All the Way. I found this blog via the "Wal-Mart Shopper". Connor is my one and only son. Used to want twins.....but after watching first hand the stress of the "shopper" and reading your blog I think that I am stopping at 1. My husband says he is having another kid no matter what I say....HA HA HA. He apparently didn't pay close attention in sex ed class.....it takes 2 to tango.
Keep the great blog going. Excited to hear that you are a TEXAN!

I'm a SAHD of two girls, 2.5 years and 11 months. I love the blog and I read it every day. I don't know how you make the time to write, it's hard enough to make time to read your blog, much less write one. I'm glad to hear you're a Texan as well, NJ has to be rough. I too wanted twins but, from reading your blog and from having two at different ages, I just don't know how you do it. Keep up the good work and go Longhorns.

I belong to the St. Louis Mother of Twins club and one of the members posted your website on our website. I have 18 month b/g twins also, so empathize what you blog about. However, I have to work to keep my sanity or I would be bald and my kids would be hanging in the closet by noon everyday.

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