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November 10, 2006


Are you sure you didn't accidentally name them wrong? Maybe Lila is Victoria and Victoria is Lila!

The next development in this twin trickery is the old bait and switch-eroo: You'll hear a loud thump from the other room where the girls are playing, then a loud "OW!", which will cause you to run and find out what happened. Then the fun begins:
"Are you OK, Victoria?"
[slight sniffle] "Yes, Daddy."
"Where's your sister?"
[blinking innocently} "I don't know..."

(FYI, I was inspired to write yet another haiku because of the impersonation story--help me, I need an intervention!)

I once worked at a school where there was a set of twins who loved to pretend they were each other, and I didn't figure it out for months.

They had a great time while I was doing noon hour supervision...and here I just thought the kid seemed to be everywhere. Duh!

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