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February 22, 2007


How cute are those puppies?! They were puppies, right? My memory isn't as good as it used to be since the girls were born. Hey, now that I think about it, neither are my abs, butt, energy level, sex drive, hygiene (they may be linked), or medicine chest. Wow, thanks for the real pick-me-up.

I want everyone to know that Kathryn took the photo of the snuggle puppies (aka sleeping tools) all by herself.

The Dad and The Mom,
That is genius! I must have one for my tool box when my little one gets to be that age! She's already sitting up by herself!

I love it!!!! What a great way to keep the little ones in bed. :)

You are an evil genius! May I worship at your hen pecked liver?

Congratulations to the little photographer in the family--nice job! I'd hire her to work for my magazine, but child labor laws say otherwise. ;-)
And congrats to The Dad for making it through the liver-plucking and for coming up with such an ingenious solution. We knew you'd make chicken salad out of that big ol' bird.

I kinda want one of those for myself. You think if I start jumping up and down on the bed hubby will buy me one?

Congrats on your huge victory! It's sweet when things work out the way you want them to. Genius about the specialized tools that need hugs and cuddles and no loud noises.

We also use these cute tools for bedtime peace; unfortunately, one of the boys found a seam and gutted his beloved pup-peeee. It is amazing how much crying a previously stuffed animal can do...off to find another tool before naptime...

You really are genius parents! As usual, I am in awe. Now tell me where I can find my own set of those cute puppies. I'll be needing them soon enough.

Brilliant!!! :)

very clever...

One of my daughter's "tools" was Simon, a pink teddy bear. She has been attached to that bear since her little fingers were able to grasp. For my other daughter, the "stay in bed" rule had long been established. For J, well, she was still fighting it tooth and nail. She just couldn't resist coming out to visit us in the living room after lights out even though she knew the price of the adventure. The night we knew we needed a tool, was the night she came out to us arms extended with Simon as an offering to us for a final hug and kiss before she drifted off to dreamland. We said our good nights for the second time and after she was fast asleep, I tucked Simon back in beside her.

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