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June 02, 2007


It must be this crappy east coast weather. I just got over the most painful sinus infection of my life. I'm pregnant so there isn't a lot that I can take for it. I hear that martinis are a good treatment.

I also see that scraped knees come in twos. I hope they wear them with pride.

Sorry about the sinuses. But if the babies hadn't come as a pair, we'd all be missing one of them. We love your twins.

Sorry about the sinus infection. I agree about the cats. They should definitely come in twos.

You know what you should do? Keep them healthy. I hear that works. What are you feeding these kids, anyway?

Yup, gotta the sinus thing going on here, too. Luckily, not so bad, just yet. I dream of moving to a place where allergies and sinus infections do not exist. But, a place that isn't too hot. It must be perfect. Everyone who lives there MUST BE PERFECT. Oh, wait, that is another dream.

yuck. i mean the sinuses. not the twins.

I found a product that has helped mine. It's called Simply Saline Sterile Saline Nasal Mist. I found it in the Kroger pharmacy area. Feel better soon!

Must be an epidemic -- we just had a round of head colds here also. I got the sinus infection and my hubby got bronchitis. The babies were thankfully spared all but a sniffle.

Unfortunately, my mother had just watched an Oprah episode where they demonstrated the "neti pot" and she told me to basically pour saltwater up my nose. Stupid me went ahead and tried it without really doing any research. As it turns out, you shouldn't put a heaping spoonful of salt in the water or you'll experience something that feels a bit like sticking a hot icepick into your brain.

More things that should come in twos:

Unisom Tablets, Bicycle Wheels, Personal Wellness Days, Invisible Friends, Vacations and Babysitters (Even Mikey can't handle all the girls at once some days)

But babies still should not travel in packs - that's just not nice.

PS - I will excuse your absence from LDA this evening, as you are clearly not well :) Recover soon, and remember our motto... Long live Starbucks, Wi-Fi and Looky, Daddy!

very spring and fall mine go nuts....nose, ears, throat....it is the worst!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- www.daddydetective.com

Kudos to The Dad for choosing to wear his peanuts. A renewable resource, peanuts are an eco-friendly fashion choice. The Dad is in good company--all the finest gentlemen are wearing them.

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