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July 17, 2007


Stay strong, The Dad! You shall prevail over the poop!
Seriously, though, it WILL work. It WILL be hard, but it WILL work!

I KNOW. The Tshirt and no underwear potty training method took me 2-3 days with my twins. Try to remember all the money you'll be saving on Huggies. Spend it on a babysitter and reward yourself with a...spa day?

Courage, The Dad. Courage and patience. One day, sooner than you now think possible, this will all look like a bad dream... Promise.

Oh, The Dad.

I'm going to dissent from the crowd here. Why are you trying to drive yourself crazy? This is key: You already have plenty, plenty of crazy-making opportunities in your daily life. Why add to those? The twins will be potty trained when they are ready to be potty trained and not a minute before. I can almost guarantee they're not going to be packing Pampers in their matching goin'-to-Harvard trunks. (Diapers will pale--ha ha, unintentional--in comparison to that expense.)

I fought my son tooth and nail trying to get him trained--to the point that he would sit on the pot, refuse to do anything, and then run off to his playroom closet to do his business. Serious spite peeing. I finally just gave up and put him back in pullups. Within a week he decided that was no fun at all and potty trained himself.

Granted, he was 14, but...

(No, seriously, he had just turned 3.)

Good luck in any case.

You can DO it!!

The title of this post really prepared me well for the overall content and context. It was well chosen, although slightly misspelled (there are only 9 'i's in 'AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIGH!').

I always figured that, like walking, they would learn when they were ready. I never saw anyone capable of learning that was still in diapers at age 40. Is the stress of these methods worth it? If it does work, they will be trained, and you will be insane.

Do you have Elmo goes potty? It works wonders! Good luck! I honestly think that the stage right after potty training is the hardest because you have to take them to the bathroom so many times a day. Also, It's really hard to take them anywhere because the public toliets are to big for them.

Time for a martini?

Lila, Victoria?? is that you?? what have you done with your father. I knew the 2 of you would outsmart him. Poor The Dad.

I have to agree with Nicole on this one. Pace yourself, The Dad. Make a long-range plan. These things don't happen overnight. (Believe me, I've still got a 6-year old thumb-sucker!) Get a chart, some stickers, and a photo of a big ticket item, like a bike or something, and let them work toward it. You may go crazy that way, too, but it'll take a little longer.

Poor The Dad. I hope that there is a stiff drink awaiting you after the kid's bedtime. We have a new comic up if you need a chuckle however.

This was my potty training secret.... COLD wipes. As long as there are diapers, those wipes will be cold, BUT toilet paper is soft and warm and for kids who use the potty.

But my kid wasn't completely trained until after he turned 3, so I was pretty desperate.

When we found out the genders of our twins-- TWO boys-- I swear my first thought was, "Uh-oh, they take longer to potty train." I was right. It did take long. I swore to myself that we would not potty train for eight months, we would wait until they were ready, etc. etc. Yet they seemed to be ready & we tried... & tried & tried & what seemed like EIGHT years later (impossible b/c they are just turning five next week), it finally happened for them. They went at different rates, but one was not potty trained until he was four. Hell, he was actually reading but still crapping in his diaper & not bothered one bit by it. So there you go...

I figure we all have strengths & challenges, things work out in the end, but it was painful & anxiety-producing in the process even though EVERYONE told us,"I guarantee you they will not be going to kindergarten in diapers." I hated that but you know what~ S & C will NOT be going to kindergarten in diapers.

What, is something wrong?

Give up. Just give up. That'll be the easiest thing to do...

They'll do it when they're ready. I went back and forth between training my boys at the same time or just going by their readiness signals. My one son trained easily around age three, his twin couldn't care less. Nothing I did ever worked with his twin. I truly thought that he WOULD go to kindergarten in diapers. Amazingly, he became increasingly aware of his bodily functions and finally was able to pee in the potty for the first time EVER a couple months ago. And that's all it took for him - he was in underwear in a day or two. He still needs reminders and has accidents, but goes mostly in the toilet!

My point is that they will go in the potty when they're ready!!

Good luck!!!!!

Lest you forget in the midst of your potty trials, I offer you this universal truth: There are few things in this world as persuasive as a well bribed sibling.

All of my early childhood milestones were reached within days of my mother pronouncing to my siblings that "we'll ALL go out for ice cream as soon as your little sister learns [to tie her shoes/say the alphbet/spell her last name/etc.].

OK, I knew it was time to de-lurk here when, as I was making dinner tonight, I thought, "I wonder how The Dad is doing with the potty training?" So, here's to another stranger's crossed fingers for the twins' sphincter control.

Once again, The Dad has given me something to look forward to with my twins!

I don't have the guts to start with the girls until I hear that someone else has done what seems impossible, namely, YOU potty training YOUR girls.

Good luck!

I have a fun project myself this week. We're painting the nursery... only the girls are so old it's technically a playroom now!


After 3 months of on again/off again potty training with my daughter, she saw this and is completely excited about using the potty now. Day 2 with her only being wet during naps and at night! I may start speaking in the 3rd person just to show my ever-lasting love of Elmo.

"After sitting for 30 mins on a potty, Victoria walked up to me and peed on my foot."

The good thing about twins is that you still have a kid left to give your other foot a shower. Go Lila!

This is clearly all your own fault for not doing that elimination communication thing from the beginning. Had you just done that you'd be such a raving lunatic by now that whether or not they peed in the potty would be of no interest to you.

Okay, I'm dying to know how this is going...update please.

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