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October 03, 2007


It's amazing how unfazed kids can be about some things (like using skin to make a drum -- yuck), but then completely fall apart if one of their siblings even looks at them from across the room. Wonderful creatures.

Just think, you can use this experience to your advantage: When Kathryn grows up and starts dating, you can trot out the tale of how she laughed at the nekkid boys. (And dude, your site is gonna get SO much traffic today because you said "penis.")

She's really something. Love the extra rolleyaction action figure.

"We hadn't stayed long." Classic.

Kathryn is awesome - and I think it's awesome you're reading mythology to her! She's gonna rock it in high school when she gets to that part of the curriculum.

And to think I thought my sister and I were the only five-year-olds who knew that Aphrodite was the Goddess of Love and Beauty. (Our English bulldog was named Aphrodite... an expression of my dad's twisted sense of humor, no?)

Love that Kathryn is into mythology. From one geek to another, storehouses of useless knowledge make you seem very smart to other people. Never mind the fact that it doesn't help you in your everyday life.

It seems to me that Kathryn is really quite proficient in her Proper noun usage, what with the Hercules and Appolo and such. She just doesn't want to waste time on silly things like her own middle name.

I am seriously much impressed with this Greek methology knowledge, especially given that my eyes glaze over whenever someone tries to speak of things that happened before I was born. It's probably safe to say that Kathryn knows better than I the true origins of our dog's name (Megara). I thought it was just a Disney character until I was recently straightened out by high school freshman. Damn kids think they know everything.

"Hercules was the hero that rescued Kathryn from the thrall of the thousands of bedicked torsos...."

I'm still giggling.

Plus! Maybe this experience will make her less likely to satisfy curiousity through playing doctor when she's older?

How did I miss the Hall of Penises the last time I went to the Met... Damn.

Unlurking - to say make sure she remembers it all... apparently I was the fount of all knowledge on steam engines as a child... but no more...which may or may not be a good thing...

Dude, "bedicked torsos" made me snarf my coffee! You rock.

That is very awesome.

Our oldest used to be one of the pre-eminent "scholars" on all things Egyptian (pyramids, mummies, etc.) So funny to hear someone so short talk about Ra and Thebes and really sound like she knew what she was talking about. I blame PBS. :-]

Sheesh, Daddy, of course that's why Marsyas looks like that! Like, doesn't everyone know that?!! :) That's a very impressive amount of Greek knowledge she has.

In our house, if anyone has problems programing their cell phone, they just hand it to Aaron (who's five) and he'll get it to do stuff they never even knew it could do!

Rachel, I've long believed that the only reason to have kids is to remain technologically relevant. If it weren't for me, my parents would never have a VCR that didn't blink 12:00.

De-lurking to say love your writing. Kathryn sounds like quite a firecracker. I love the action figure comment. :)

As always, Kathryn is a delight. Can I put in a vote for more Kathryn posts?

That's awesome! I love Greek mythology. Perhaps I'll go find that book for my daughter.

I remember that I especially loved telling her that the Disney version of Hercules was ridiculously off base from the actual story. This, of course, led to having to tell her the whole story and spending some time in Wikipedia for research.

Delurking! That's me! Love your blog. Mythology was my favorite *random* college course. Way to go Kathryn!

that is hysterical! and I agree...you're now going to get a crap-load of traffic due to your penises.
uh, not that you have more than one.
um, not that I would know. sorry...

but have fun with all the traffic...maybe they will all delurk on today, the Great Mofo Delurk! :D
(see my page to see the big green button to see what that crazy business is all about...looks like you got a lot of delurkers today!)

ok, I feel like a 3rd grader. I totally snickered at "bedicked torso's." Is that a word? Bedicked? If not, you should coin it! And BTW I am a total Greek Mythology nerd. Love the stuff. (Forget all that trashy roman mythology....)Go Kathryn!
and ditto the responses telling you to have fun with the "penis traffic." That sounds bad in so many ways.

I am delurking not because of the bedicked torsos, but because I have selfishly been enjoying your blog for some time now, without leaving any ego strokey thingies.
*spreading ego strokey thingies like fairy dust*

Brilliant child! But have you asked her why she spread peanut butter on the cat? Common response: "I don't know" spoken in a whiny tone with inflexion on "know" like it's an impossibly difficult question. Kids rock!

Great post! Love it. 'Nuff sed.

And people think that television is desensitizing our children, when in reality, it's Greek mythology with all of it's penis wagging and skin peeling.

You never disappoint me!

Sounds like you have one intelligent kid!

Your loins have created an intellectual assassin. Do you realize how awesome that is? You need to have your loins bronzed. Yes, it'll probably hurt, stop crying, it's for posterity, stop being so selfish.

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