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December 04, 2007


Not to worry you, but my indoor only cats are 13, 12 and 11. I'm so glad that someone else keeps their cats indoors for their safety.

I can't even tell you how much I needed a laugh. Thanks for providing it.

The scene you paint of Ditch Dead Cat could easily be a scene out of a Ben Stiller movie. "Huh, big man? I killed you with my cat!" I can totally see him saying it.

And I'm sorry to tell you but according to healthycatanddog.com, "the maximum lifespan of a domestic cat is estimated to be as high as 25-35 years".

Hate to tell you but my childhood cat will celebrate 21 yrs with my parents come MLK day (we think she may have been about 2 when we got her). We've come to the conclussion that it's pure evil that's keeping her alive.

i've heard they can live until they are 80

I don't know if this is good news for you or bad news, but my indoor cat is 17. And she was an outdoor cat until she was 10.

Buy all future cat food direct from China. That should wrap things up nicely.

I think Dan is mistaken... They live 'til they're 102.

None of you, not a damn one of you, are making me feel any better about this. Not one bit.

Why don't I remember NOT to read LD when there is liquid in my mouth!

And Tammy - SNORT!!!!

We had a cat that was an adult when we picked her out at the shelter so her age was unknown. She lived another 21 years after that as an indoor/outdoor farm cat. Her black hair grayed some and she eventually lost her teeth and was switched to soft food. Our second cat survived an attack by a mountain lion although it left her blind in one eye. Cats are remarkably durable.

Oh, and if you wanted someone to make you feel better, you came to the wrong place. Our job (as I understand it) is to laugh at your misery and poke fun.

Yeah, the kitten->cat->kitten cycle is quite a bit faster with indoor cats. Which is how we ended up with three, I guess.

SLOWER. I meant "slower." Geez.

You are sick. And very funny. But sick. But that's why I like you.

My indoor/outdoor cat is 12, and shows no signs of slowing down. He kicks ass in our neighborhood. He's won more fights than Ali. If he read this post, he'd probably take a swipe at you.

Mine made it to 17, 12, 7 and now I'm on a new pair.

But then, ours were all indoor cats. The coyotes, raccoons, foxes and cars would have made short work of them otherwise.

My outdoor cat is about 8 (he was a stray we took in)and is the nicest, sweetest, most lovable cat I have ever had. My indoor cat, on the other hand, is three and the biggest bitch / trouble-maker / furniture-destroyer in the world, she terrorizes the other cat AND my Labrador. And she's the one who's going to live virtually forever? Great.

Our kitty, "Kitty", lost her battle with cancer just three months after our twins were born. It was sad, but convenient. She was 13.

We had a cat that was smelly and scabby and needed cortisone shots once a week. If you went to close, she bit you. Recently we moved to an rural area rife with coyotes and the cat, uh, "got out" one day and we never saw her again. I think she ran off with cat gypsies. She was (I mean 'is') seven years old, about the right age for a cat to run away with gypsies in my opinion.

A stray we named "Bob" showed up in our garage and we took him to the vet who pronounced him"loaded with tumors." I could not have been more pleased since my husband was making motions to move Bob inside and he was the foulest animal you could ever imagine. Then the vet said "wait a minute, he's just fat!" We took Bob home and the puppy proceeded to make daily sorties to raid the litter box. She could not get enough of the yummy truffles inside there. Then she would come back upstairs and lick the baby in the face. We were stuck with Bob for another 3 years until a rare heart condition did him in. Happiest day of my life.

I like cats. I just can't eat a whole one by myself.

Our cat, KC, for kitty cat is going to be 15 on MLK day. My hubby is also waiting for to pass on. He's changed her name to LC for Last cat.

Obviously you don't know how to work the "I'm moving and I don't want my cats" angle. The previous owner of our house suckered us into taking on his 2 cats when we moved in. We felt bad for the poor old guy who was going to have to take them to a shelter. Five years later, our own cats have been done in by coyotes, teenage drivers, and roaming dogs, but those damn squatters are pushing 20 years old and still rule the roost.

To be fair, the old guy drops by a bag or cat food or $20 bill a couple times a year. Always when we're not home . . . .

A cat's life span is most certainly directly correlated to it's personality. The nearly invisible, very sweet, and not-at-all annoying Prince Ali passed away at 10. His evil brother and the one I like to call Spasmatic are still going strong at 12. Then there was the evil, evil Maribel. She never met a foot she didn't want to attack, a toe she didn't want to keep for herself, or a child she didn't want to eat. She lived to be 25. I tried to be sad when she died, but really I just wanted to give her a good swift kick with my horribly scarred foot.

The Dad- I remember you and The Mom telling us the part about the cat being in the ditch (what was that cat's name anyway?) but never the part about the machine gun kitty - too funny!

Now we've all heard about what unions do in the northern NJ area, but in Arizona? Unions can't be that tough there!? I think the guy was pulling your leg when he should've been pulling the cat's!

Hooray, you're back! Thanks for another hilarious story. God forbid for that guy to break a "union rule", how convenient for him too, don't get me started on civil servants. We had a cat....now we have a dog, dogs rule!

My twin sister ran over her cat in her driveway (with her 3 kids in the car). I was called to remove said cat with a shovel - kids still screaming and crying. Buried cat in the back yard - was called next day as family dog had dug up dead cat and left on porch!!! Twin girls - we sooo rock!

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