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January 17, 2008


Bitter, much?

I swear potty training is the WORST part of parenting. I HATED potty training. I wanted to rip my hair out and scream, but we finally did it. Still haven't mastered the overnight thing, but as I cherish my sleep and don't like changing the sheets every night, my daughter will be in a pull-up at night for as long as she needs to be.

In a complete satire, non-helpful link: The Secret for potty training your child in one week

Ha! I used to go behind our black leather La-Z-Boy chair in 1969! Your girls will truly grow up to be incredibly brilliant and charming women now. :)

I am so feeling your pain right now. It f**king SUCKS.
And that's all I have to say about that.

My mother's secret to potty training is to just not. (My mother has now potty trained 9 kids.) We were all in diapers well into our 3s. Some of us may have hit 4. We all had to beg to be potty trained. She may have been stuck with diapers for much longer (and the most recent set of kids, she had four kids in diapers at the same time) but didn't have many accidents!

I never really understood Freud's anal stage until I had kids. Then I realized, it is because potty training is enough to screw a person over for life.

The flaw in Freud's theory is that the screwing is had by the parent's psyche.

The way you view your parents made me laugh out loud... in hysterical sympathy. We are on the good side of potty training, but only by about two weeks. If she relapses, I may have to hire a professional. Can't imagine doing it with two at the same time. Ugh.

Hilarious! But I'm going to be a party-pooper: Potty training has nothing on what's to come in their teen years. I know-it's really mean of me to bring that up... Seriously though, Looky, Daddy - you rock! I read your blog to put things into perspective - remind myself what I've already made it through. You're the best!

So should I be looking for an extra-absorbent couch, or one that can be easily wiped off?

Please advise.

The Dad,
I had a dream last night (after reading blogs way too late) that you announced on your blog that your wife was pregnant with another set of twins. In fact, when I went to check out this site today, I was very surprised to learn that no announcement had been made. Good luck with PTing the twins.


I feel for you - I really do. You crack me up.

I think potty training readies us for the nightmare that is adolscent girls. Trust me.

My boys will use the potty every time as long as they are naked. Put clothes on them -- even just undies -- and they'll soak them every time. So, we're thinking we should just join a nudist colony and call it good.

I know this blog entry is about the potty training (I've unintentionally fallen into the "just don't" camp with our near-3-year-old, mostly because she's so obdurate and I wished to reduce the daily doses of screaming)... but I LOVE that purple couch of yours. Hope it cleans easily.

Thanks for the laugh. I feel a lot better about our potty training progress.

Melissa: A dream my wife was pregnant with more twins? You were, believe it or not, the second person to tell me about a "pregnant with twins" dream last night. Just in case, I slept on the pee-stained couch last night.

Melissa, reading about your dream is going to give me nightmares tonight!

The Dad, because of you I have decided not to bother with potty training my girls. Twins in big-girl panties scare me.

Oh, and I'm NEVER sitting on that couch again.

better safe than sorry! That's so weird that I wasn't the only one!

Ugh...potty training just one was torture enough. I'm not looking forward to two. I think maybe I'll just leave them in diapers till they go away to college, and let their RA train them. Although I am a little sick of being kicked in the sternum when I change their diapers, but at some point they should be able to change their own.

P.S. Everyone says girls potty train so much more easily than boys. That doesn't give me a good feeling.

Our 3-1/2 year old wasn't potty-trained until just after he turned 3. We started when he was 2. And then, he was only pee-potty-trained. Poop came a little later, although he still refuses to wipe. And he still needs a pull-up at bedtime because even if he's completely dehydrated, he will still pee 6 or 8 gallons overnight. Which reminds me, I need to go put his sheets in the dryer from when he overwhelmed his pull-up last night. *sigh*

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