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March 06, 2008


You did that floor yourself?! How? Cause that's awesome and looks fantastic and I *so* need to get my husband to do that to our basement floor!!

How I so wish you lived next door to me and could be my friend! I would laugh all the time, chuckle when I wasn't laughing, point my husband in your direction when he needed to lighten up (or appreciate the non-infested state of being called "home"), and besides, we need some girls in our neighborhood (my next door neighbor just had her 5th boy!!!).

I'm proud of that acid-stained floor, and I had absolutely nothing to do with its completion. It seems almost a shame to cover it in Webkins and such.

Twenty years ago, acid and spontaneous combustion meant very different things, am I right?

I have that Ikea table and chairs you drew in - best purchase ever, they are indestructible and can hold 200 pound grownups AND they add an awesome Dr. Seussian vibe to your room. Your storage idea looks nice...Never thought I'd come to lookydaddy for decorating ideas, but you sir are talented!

Best opening blog line EVAR!

Oh, thank GOD you're back. I needs the humor.

Dude - awesome decorative concrete! You were so right to go with the acid stain. And I agree with Victoria - fantabulous first line for this post. Hope the little ones are feeling better and will soon be enjoying their swedish meatballs at Ikea.

Great Avatar reference!

Oh the joys of shit in a box, or is my partner the only one who refers to litter trays as such?

Great job on the floor. It's no small task, I know.

But did you know that there is a new webkinz snake? Huh? Did you? Did you look at it? Did you see it here? -- Our weeks of illness and snow are filled as full of webkins as your basement - with no cool floor!

Why is it that, normally when I see a picture of some cute little kiddles I say "Awww wudda wudda qoooooot!," but when I see pictures of your kids, I feel kind of nervous and scared?

It sounds like your week(s) has(have) been bad. I am in a similar dark place, with a similar fun three digit number emerging from orifices problem. (A sentence I never imagined myself saying before, which I now realize was a lack of imagination on my part.)

I like the IKEA-gram. I am from an IKEA-less state, and upon moving out east, was instantly made aware of how horrible it is to be without an IKEA really nearby.

Nice floor!

Perhaps you could build shelves and chairs out of all of the stuffed animals? Kinda squish 'em together and use a huge amount of glue.

That oughta do it!

Hatchet - you are on to something! Follow the link to see a chair made out of panda teddy bears that retails for more than my car. This is from Moss. Maybe the dad is a closet crafter. After all, there were those flowery crocs....neat. Good times.


My daughter and I looked at your pics one by one without peeking at the next.

I laughed right out loud at the stuffed animals. Great job. And your imaginary furniture is wonderful artwork!!

I know the blog is a pain in the ass but man, I do enjoy it!

Joy: You, too? I'm glad it's not just me.

Gosh I'm glad you're back. Missed these moments with just the two of us.


i love avatar

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