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July 14, 2008


I'll open a bottle just as soon as the stores open. (Not that that's much different from a regular day, no offense to Lesbian Dad.)

Cheers to that. Although bloody mary's are my breakfast drink of choice.

Pop, fizz, gulp!

no oj needed

Amen to that!

Wheee! I'm so happy for them and their beautiful family.

I'll toast to the happy couple and their children!

And Happy Bastille Day to all!

LD, you are a prince among men.

It's a good thing we live on either side of the country, since I'd come right over to your place and give you a bear hug right now if I could. Which would only serve to embarrass you terribly, thereby defeating my purpose.

Skål, as my Norski relatives say. Often.

Screw the OJ..I'm drinking the champagne straight. Such an occasion deserves it. Excellent news!

I have to second what Polly said in praise of you, and I'm toasting you right after toasting her! So good of you to dedicate this week's drink recipe to her nuptials! Cheers all around!

My favorite line, from the July 11th post--

"We are an old married couple, about to get married."

A renewal of vows is so much more beautiful than a brand-new wedding ceremony, at least to me. The people involved know what they're getting into, without the orange blossom in their hair or the stars in their eyes, and they're doing it because of what's in their hearts and in every cell of their bodies.

Having said that... how special it must be to have a 100% official wedding, to finally be able to have a ceremony that means something legally as well as emotionally. I'm so happy for them and for every other couple who can finally be married in every single sense of the word. And I hope every couple around the country who wants to get legally married can have the same ceremony soon.

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