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January 12, 2009


Always funny no matter how many times i watch it.

Hey - I've been voting twice a day for you. Once from my computer at work and once from my laptop at home!

Really hopwe you'll win. Then maybe you'll put togather that BOOK some of us have been asking for!

Okay, now it says the video no longer exists?!? Please email me a copy of it, since this is definitely a keeper. I was also one of those ecstatic parents on the first day of preschool - laughing hysterically as I squealed my tires leaving the parking lot. Good times...

Try again, loren. You are the second person to tell me they got that message, but I think it's a temporary glitch.

That is awesome and hilarious. I'm glad you had such a good day, even if they had a bad day! :-( No, really I hope they had a good day.

I don't have twitter so I can't send you one. But in response to your twitter about Kathryn and the Ilsand of the Blue Dolphins -it is based on a true story. Or maybe "inspired by" is a better term. The main character is based on a real person. The story may be more "inspired by" and less "based on" but I'm not exactly sure. Here's a couple of links. One for the real life woman and one for the book.



I loved watching you flip the minivan the bird. I flip mine the bird every chance I get. I hate that thing.

I'm so jealous of you right now I could spit. My twins would be in pre school right now if I could convince them to stop crapping in their pants. What would I do with myself with only a 5 month old to watch? I'm giddy at just the though of it.

Brian, Thanks for all the laughs and good times. These things happen to most of us with kids but you have a magical way of putting it into words that is truly entertaining and deserves some $$$$ if not kudos!

Did you check out the Glen Ridge Voice from 2 weeks ago? Kathryn on page 2 with Cooper!

I voted for you and hope you win. Good Luck!!!

Still one of the most classic videos ever posted! LOVE IT! And after surviving the first few years of raising twins, you deserved a celebration!!!

Just as funny on vimeo as it was on youtube!

And your twins are sooo cute

Just read your FAQ section, and holy heck, even that should come with a warning: Spit out cough drop and leave orange juice in the living room prior to reading.

I have enjoyed reading all of the blogs in this category, but you, my friend, deserve the win. You are hands-down the funniest blogger I've read in awhile. "Free-range Cheerios" is an instant classic. I'm tuning in daily. Hooked. A Looky, Daddy!-aholic. (No pressure, but you gotta be ON from now on!) ;)

As for me, I'm gunning for 5th. A solid C average. It's the best I could do, so my parents aren't comparing me to the Honor Roll Students on the list.

You are a superstar.

Wow, that was an impressive amount of game playing, drinking and porn before 11:30. In edition to the Weblog Award I vote Oscar.

I'm voting I'm voting! Yes still as funny as the first times I watched it!

That video was great! Your girls are darling!

3-Martini Jennifer, I guess strange was the wrong word. It is one of the best parts of the day when I watch the 3 faces drive away. Kudos to the homeschoolers.
P.S. It is a great club

aright, the video was great the first time around, and even better now. I'll cough up another vote....

Less than 10 hrs to go and we are behind 50 votes out of 9400 cast. Come on team, we are the best--VOTE now.

This is my third favorite YouTube video of all time--right behind the Leprechaun and Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis. It's even ahead of Dick in a Box, on my list, so you know you're good.

Totally voted for you, dog. Best wishes. Screw the quads, right?

Freaking Hysterical! My 3 year old is heading off to preschool for the first time in a few weeks. I will probably do much of the same while he's gone - minus the porn, that's more of a guy thing! :)

Deborah, glad you voted, but I have no problem losing to a blog written by a mom of quads. If I had quads, you wouldn't even be able to vote for me because I'd be hiding under my kitchen table.

It's more than a rollercoaster-- it's a sham, because you are narrowly behind as I write this.

I can't believe three times as many people have voted in Best Comic Strip as in Best Parenting Blog. There should be 100,000 votes by this point, and you should have at least half of them.

yeah, it works again! hallelujah

my favorite part is the shakeycam shoutout, lmao

Watched it again - still hilarious. The first day was long ago and sometimes I STILL skip in glee like that all the way back to the minivan.

Trying to vote, damned site is so busy today!

It got the boot from YouTube for having a Peter Cetera song on it? Can you counter sue him for ruining Chicago?

Well, you've got my vote anyway.

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