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March 05, 2009


ARGH. I look forward to these contests every year but I just haven't been able to bring it since the inaugural haiku contest (when I was a close third (maybe?) if you count the Mom's haiku - I still think that was a little shady...)! My entries were definitely not sentimental. If I tried to write anything sentimental about my kids, I'd still be picking the dried emesis out of my laptop keyboard. I don't even drink coffee but I still really wanted to win!!! I'm going to start on my limericks right now.

Yay, you're back!

I could have said that on the previous post, but the comment stream was chock-a-block with haikus. Before kid #2 and the sleep deprivation that just won't go away, I might have even wanted to welcome you back w/ haiku. But alas, cannot. Not really:

Dude, you've been reviewed?
Your arches bigger than Trump's?
I'm proud to know ya.

I had to vote for the hide and seek one for my own sentimental reasons. That perfectly sums up life in my house with my 3 year old right now.

But my favorite is the boobies. Very hard to choose out of so many good ones.

I am so glad that I didn't enter one - it would have paled in comparison to these gems that nearly killed me as I choked on my sausage this morning in laughter!

Man, choosing two is tough...I'll have to say My Turn and Wreckage made me laugh the hardest. With my sentimental side loving Missing the Point and School Bus.

Loved them all. It was hard to choose.

My Turn and Last Trimester.

The fact that "Teenage Conspiracy Theories" did not make the final cut can only be explained by the fact that the judges have not yet entered the teenage years when life begins to mirror the "Zits" comic strip all too closely.

I love them all! Missing the Point made me laugh because it's exactly what my three year old does. And my eight year old for that matter. I have raised defective hide and seekers.

Wow, those are hilarious (and that was the understatement of the year). Though I didn't know whether to laugh or cry about the vaganus, since I can sympathize.

Dear Brian,

With this post, you give new meaning to the term "Poetic License." Congratulations, and thanks for the (only one!) martini.

Your Friend,

PS. It was me! I said VAGANUS would make a cool band name!

One more thing for John: FWIW, I voted for a few of your haiku. They rocked.

Awww, thanks Jennifer. If you're ever up in MA, I'll have you over for Martinis. So who do I blame, LD or Camilo's Dad? Hmmmmm...what will be my revenge?

Aargh! You can't change your mind once you push a button. Of course the one with Bitch in it is going to win. Haven't we all experienced one?

John, your haiku was excellent. Totally my experience with morning joe. It can also be recycled for an Alzheimer's website haiku contest!

John, when in doubt, blame The Dad. :-)

I thought with a word like "turd" I'd be a shoo-in. Guess it just couldn't compete beside words like "vaganus." I'm bummed.

E.J.: "Teenage Conspiracy Theories" was my fav! But why would I expect my husband to listen to me?

I picked sad tooth as that would be as tooth fairy fail whale for the last 3 teeth around here. Next year, I'll gear up for haiku contest, mos def.

er, that would be ME. yip.

I can live with my Haiku not making the cut, but am perplexed as to why Meandering Michael's crushed 'nads were omitted.

School Bus and Cup of Joe.

We just posted that March is Caffeine Awareness Month, so HAD to go with the coffee haiku.

Teen aged conspiracy theories was my absolute favorite. The judges obviously have NOT been there yet. But you will, and with girls. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

I see that all the finalists had titles for their haikus. I will know for next year to title mine. Maybe this should be a semi-annual thing. I have to agree that "Teenage Conspiracy Theories" was pretty good (and mine were too).

Honey, We're Moving Again

Missing the Point is totally sentimental and dead on. Every night my two year old son hides under a blanket and demands that we say, "Where is me?"

So many good ones, practically all better than mine!! But Wreckage has got to win, she's inspired. And, yes, wrecked, but maybe she'll win a prize for it.

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