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August 03, 2009


Brian! I will never laugh in your presence if you leave! Don't goooo!

Oh, man. You have made me laugh and snort more than anyone, and if you track my IP address you'll see that I check for new posts with a somewhat creepy frequency. And sometimes I even comment about how much you've made me snort or touched my heart. Anyway Brian, I'll really miss reading you here, if you could give us a link if you start something new, I'll check back here sometimes to see....

Oh Brain... I didn't cry, but probably will later... You are the reason I now read other people's blogs obsessively...
Thanks for making this last post one that made me laugh instead of get all weepy.
How will I know where to find you? From now on? You'd better make yourself Google-able...

The Interweb of Shit is losing one of its finest today. Enjoy the rest of your summer and the well-deserved extra time with your girls.

Dear Brian - Thank you for three years of heart-, gut- and belly-wrenching writing, and for sharing your adventures in parenting. I'm so sorry to see you "go," but I look forward to reading your writing somewhere - anywhere! - else. I will forever giggle when I go into Dunkin' Donuts...

Well, I guess they say you should quit when you're ahead, and you are surely ahead. I can't imagine you not writing, so I'm going to assume you'll turn up elsewhere before too long with something good for us to read. Just promise that, maybe?

You will be sorely missed...in addition to being one of my favorite blogs ever, yours has been the one that my husband and I could both read and laugh about together - you've given us some fantastic stuff. And remember, you are the only blogger I ever awarded a Perfect Post to.

Just don't be an Internet stranger, okay?

I can imagine that reading so many comments from people telling how much they love reading your blog and how much they'll miss you and to please not stop blogging - it must be really hard to follow through. I'm sure, though, that this is the best decision for you and your family and all I'd like to say is how much I've enjoyed reading your exploits, how grateful I am that you started this blog, and how much I hope your family continues to do well.

You're a great Daddy and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to read about it for a while. Take care.

This is crazy, both because I just discovered you LAST NIGHT, and because I have been thinking about starting a parenting blog but was afraid it would take too much time and mental energy away from my 4yo twins (one of whom also has epilepsy - how can you leave me like this?).

Anyway, I'm sure you are doing the right thing. I will enjoy the archives. You are a star.

Several people have already taken my "Nooooooooo!"

But I'll say it anyway: "Nooooooooooo!"

I have to go read up on the five stages of grief now. Denial, anger....

Nuts! I also discovered you late in the game. I think I only commented once because it's intimidating to comment on such witty and insightful posts. I always read...I was amused, touched, charmed, saddened, delighted. I always appreciated your wonderful writing. I'll miss your posts, and I'll be rooting for Kathryn!

I've enjoyed your writing immensely, and look forward to hearing where you'll be doing more of it when you do. Godspeed.

(And srsly, GAH!! No more Looky, Daddy? GAH!!! Dammit! Okay, I'm done now.)

WHAT! Oh boo, I will miss you. I have only been reading for a few months and now you are leaving me! I guess I better get back in those archives and get my fix while it lasts.

I understand your decision and more power to you, you are one seriously funny guy- let us know when you keep writing somewhere else (hopefully!)

awww, damn.
well, I guess you're quitting before you jump the shark, eh? Best of luck to you and your family. I've laughed and cried while reading your posts. Hopefully we'll see you around teh interwebs in the future...

This makes me so sad. I know it's a little late, but I really do love this blog and your writing. I will still be stalking you - or following you - or whatever on Twitter, for as long as you'll let me.

argh! nooo! Though I commented only rarely, yours is one of the only blogs I have followed religiously over the past few years. (Think less than 10.) I have truly enjoyed hearing about your family's (mis)adventures. I feel invested in all of you! Please, please tell us if you appear soon somewhere else. I will miss you.

so very very sad.

But I understand.


What!? I will miss you.

I hope you will let us know where we can read you next.

Good luck, man.

SAD!!! this was the only reason i came to work...for the internet...to check your blog!!! well, okay, that's not completely true...BUT STILL!!!
i know what you mean, though...it's just time. all the best to you and your family.
--hugs, @ndrea


it's been a while since I was a regular reader, not to mention commentor.

Lucky we have twitter, or I would have missed this one.

I find it hard to explain to you what your blog meant for me.

Most of all, you were just so damn funny. I don't know, maybe it shouldn't be the most important thing, but your certain way of being funny really got to me.

It was a smart and sensitive and touching kind of funny. It was the kind of funny that doesn't mask the person behind it, but reveals him.

Reading you always left me feeling as though I did something valuable with those last couple of minutes.

I will miss you, Looky Daddy. I hope life will be as good to you as your blog was to me, your humble reader.

Good luck and godspeed

I'm not good at goodbyes either so I don't know what to say. Damn. I never seem to have a good quip when I need one. Take care...

I'll miss you. You always added a bit of brightness to my day, and a little bit of dread to my life, as I just have reached the 20 week mark with my first.

I wish you, your wife, and your girls all the best, and many, MANY shitless rainbows.

Oh no, I just recently found you :(.

Thank you for the laughter and the tears (except for todays). Thank you for letting us into your lives and sharing your amazing and precious daughters with us.

I am keeping you in my favorites for when you update us with where we can find more of your writing (a book maybe?) and I look forward to the day that you post to tell us that Kathryn, while always sparkly, is significantly less sparky.

Heres to your families future being filled with many bright rainbows and very little shit (or at least very little shit that isn't festively decorated).

Now I need to go have a three mimosa breakfast.

I can't believe you're breaking up with us....

My twins are starting preschool in 3 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours...and I was recently remembering your "Twins Start Preschool Video". My fave post.


Oh, no! You were my very favorite male blogger. Your perspective and sense of humor are right on (man.) If you end up write online somewhere else, please post a link here so we can find you. Vaya con dios, amigo!

Your little 'announcement' made me rend my garments and then take the Lord's name in vain. So. You owe me some new garments and some serious prayer.

Oh no! The others have already said it all. You will be missed. You are truly gifted and funny. I appreciated your perspective and your emotional honesty. I wish you and your family all the best. Please, please, as someone else said, put up one more post here sometime, when you know where you are going to pop up next!

Good luck to you all!

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