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September 07, 2006


that is hysterical!

Your stories helped me to decide you're probably a hot dad.

Ooooh, Looky Daddy! You've got a groupie!

Hey dad, This blog is simply hysterical! Despite "Yoga Bitch"'s bitchy comment - she simply needs to get a life - you really have an interesting one and a very humorous way of communicating about the most difficult work any human undertakes.

I only have one child- now a frequently non-communicative 15 year old boy. One minute they're running around naked with only a web-belt with a sword and a home-made cape, the next they're driving off in your "garage-car" convertible. Enjoy these salad days, they sure don't last even though each day must seem an eternity.

The poop story is universal, the dumb comments by passerbys and counter-staff inevitable, the relentless use of one favorite word maddening to the extreme (ours was umbrella-who knew they're were so many frigging umbrellas in the world!) - all these things written in such a tight, funny way reminds all of us parental units the real meaning of why we do/did it - pure, unadultered love.

so ignore the "yoga bitches" of the world and keep sending us off into gales of laughter as we recognize ourselves in your daily struggle.

ps. too bad about the mother's group - hope you find some real women and men out there that appreciate a good cook and a real sense of humor no matter what your sex or job is... I know my mother sure raised no fool when I found a man that would cook dinner every night and that always makes me laugh!

Little Kathryn is too cute!

Of course I am, Katie. How astute of you to notice.

I want to be a groupie too!

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