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October 03, 2006


Being in the (very) late 30's male group, you had me in stitches the whole time! :-)

Thank goodness my boy cannot read yet, because that sooo sounds like something he would want to try!

(and as a 30-something woman, I will admit that I was so entranced by that scene that I removed my bras like that for years afterwards. Even without anyone around.)

We should try this with Depends! In fact, that would make a good party game.

Should I even admit I've never seen Flashdance? Not that I'm not old enough, just never got to it..

Anyway, this is why I love onesies. My diaper-taker-offer hasn't figured out how to reach into the onesie to undo a diaper yet. YET being the operative word, here.

You know J. Beals is looking good these days, she even stars on the L Word. The L Word used to be good but it's pretty lame now so don't get too into it.

Omg that is SOOOOOO funny! :)

I just wanted to tell that reading your blog everyday puts a huge smile on my face, you are very funny and find humor in everything. That is the way the whole world should be. Keep on writing.....

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