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November 13, 2006


Learning By Example

The funniest thing
My friend and fellow bloghead
You haikued dad poo

In my house, the opportunity for The Dad to poo IS truly Something Special.

How could you say that the Northeast is "godless" when Jesus H. Christ Himself is a regular reader of your blog?

JHC, you just post stuff like that to get me in trouble with my mother-in-law, don't you?

Oh my, I laughed so hard I almost spit coffee on the computer screen. :P

Great post!

I can find humor in just about anything, so making me laugh is nothing special. But because I laugh so easily, I rarely (rarely) 'nose'.

The line "Mrs. Doohickey? I need to take a dump," made me 'nose' coke at my desk. At my desk, on my desk, on my shirt, on my pants...

I can't wait for the twins to be born and I can teach them the phrase 'take a dump'.

Oh yeah, I'll tell P.Pie I got it from you.

I don't know what you're talking about, The Dad... I mean, My Son.

Okay, JHC. It was funny the first time. It was even funny the second time. But the third time? Aw, hell, it was funny that time, too.

This is off the poop subject, but I want to throw 2 of my favorite names from my years as a nurse...
Damyah and

hmmm...I'm not so sure I can even post the second name here, but it truly is someones name!!

Cathie, I hate to call out one of my commenters, but the name Shithead (which, depending on who is relating the story, is either pronounced sha-THAYD or shaw-THAYD) is an urban legend. Every school I have taught at claims to have had a student by this name, and I have heard many other people claiming knowledge of such a person as well. Snopes.com, the internet leader in urban-myth debunking, mentions the name in a link here.

Damya, however, I have not heard before.

Being from Ohio, I run into a lot of overzealous OSU Buckeye fans. But I recently heard that one of them named their new daughter Scarlett Ann Grey. I suspect it's an urban legend as well, but then I think about some of the fans I've known...

As for poop, what's wrong with calling it poop? And if you think you talk about it a lot, try having a kid that just had a colostomy reversal and is now pooping normally for the first time! And by normally, I mean all up his back, all down his legs, getting his feet into it, etc.

That post was really, really Something Special. Still laughing.

I have to throw in the phrase that my father-in-law uses when he has to go....GRUNT. He will excuse himself with this term. I have tried and tried to keep him from repeating this to my 3 year old, but he insists to do it just to annoy me. Asking him -- "did you go take a grunt?”
Oh, by the way we're from Texas - the state known for doing things big and loud. So this is being said where everyone in the restaurant can hear.

I hate to break this to you, but I work for a Managed Medicaid insurance company and one of our members truly is named Shithead. This my friend is not an urban legend. This is first hand knowledge.

I work in the Quality Improvement department and we do chart reviews to determine immunizatoin status of our members who are 2 years old. One of the names we came across while performing the chart review was this name. We have actually compiled a list of odd, unusual, and just wrong names. This happens to be one of my favorites. Now I don't know how this is pronounced, as I'm only reviewing the medical records and have never met the actual person. But if the person truly does not exist, then someone is committing Medicaid fraud and I suppose I should be doing further investigation.

Well, then, Cathie, I stand corrected. (Although I would certainly not put it out of the realm of fraud, either. If you do look into it, please keep us updated. I'd like to hear how it comes out.)

The Wikipoopia™ is finally here...

For all you devoted Parents out there that have encountered some strange yet identifiable diaper loads.
It's simple:

1) Give the poop a creative name
2) Describe how to recreate its distinct character
3) Submit it to the The Wikipoopia™ website and they'll reconstruct your disaster!

Here's the example: ¡The Cesar Chavez! > Pressed Grapes & Beef Broth
(when your child goes wild in some fruit; ...you'll know it when you see it)

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