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December 29, 2006


It's not that you don't win stuff. It's that you're holding out for the "Big Win," maybe Powerball size?? My ex- had his name pulled at a raffle at our base's BX, and his prize was an 8-ft, fat Paddington Bear. Cute, huh? It barely fit into his truck. He felt like a fool driving home with it. Took up most of Brian's room. I found out years later that Bri was sleeping on the floor as the damn bear filled his bed! Kid woulda been much happier with a 20" toy he could have carried about!

Psst, Looky Daddy: Your math is a little off. Conceived on March 26th = born on Dec 17th, or there abouts. I only know this randomly off the top of my head because March 26th happens to be my brothers birthday and my parents did all the celebrating. Nine months later, on Dec 17th (and a wee bit late, too) here I am.

I was counting weeks. 40 weeks before Jan 1st is March 26th. Either your parents had a little pre-party celebration, or you weren't as late as you thought.

Or you are so old they were still using the 10-month calendar. Was this before Julius and Augustus?

Physically a pregnancy doesn't actually last 40 weeks. The first two weeks are from the start of mom's period to the day she conceived, approximately. So minus two weeks from Jan 1st and you get Dec 18.

If you use March 26th as a conception date, you have to subtract two weeks. If you use it as the "first day of last period" date, then yes, due date would be around Jan 1st. Make sense?

Then again, seeing how old my mom is, it's possible she was still using the 10-month calendar.

Kate, your explanation makes sense to ME, but perhaps you're forgetting that The Dad is a guy. I could hear his eyes glazing over as I read your comment... ha ha!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Okay, okay. I give.

But I must say that this kind of scrutiny pretty much renders a humor blog useless. First your mom chimes in telling me about I really have won stuff, and now you are jumping in with my lack of understanding of a woman's menstrual cycle. Enough!

Does Dave Barry have to work under these conditions?

Early happy b-day wishes to the wonder(ful) twins. And congrats to you, The Dad, for providing an insightful and always-entertaining read. Here's to great things for all of you for '07! (And oh yes, The Mom, here's to you, for "letting" The Dad tell the world about your daily lives and still be able to laugh about all of it!)

Sorry Looky Daddy! I have no control over my Mom. As for myself, I have little control over that too. My twins made me do it, yeah that's it... And yes, occasionally Dave Berry has to work under the same conditions.

Behold the almighty uterus! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8dc_lo-99o

Has everyone heard that Julia is expecting again? How wonderful for her and her staff of nannies. Have you started planning a gift yet, The Dad?

Julia is expecting again?

Oh, boy. Where's my vodka?

I have some!!

Seems a tad unfair; a young family, new to town and no familial support to speak of. Then, the local rag makes up story facts to get 'color' and the family gets squat.

From this New Years Baby to yours....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It was very cool growing up with a 'special birthday' but it did have it's downside too. Everyone was always late to my party because their parents were a little 'hung over'. And all the cool places, like roller rinks were closed ...so all my parties were 'home parties'. I never could take cupcakes into school, because we never had school on my birthday, and there always seemed to be inclement weather....(or maybe that's my cloudy childhood memories.)

The upside...it's I always got double kisses at midnight! (and still do!) And most people remember my birthday.

Happy Birthday to your little double duet! I'm SOFA KING excited to know I share something special with them! :heart

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