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December 09, 2006


You should have done the interview and named dropped LookyDaddy.com. :-)

It's a shame you weren't wearing one of those "I'm blogging this" t-shirts. http://www.thinkgeek.com/oreilly/tshirts/5eb7/

Wow - here I was cheering you on for doing the right thing. Actually I'm stil cheering you on - I think many of us have been in uncomfortable situations (not necessarily with a drunk), but perhaps an out of control parent screaming at their kid and honestly we usually look away or tsk-tsk under our breath.

Kudos to you for acting the way you did.

I got duped on Sunday, as well. It's interesting to see that there were men that stepped up. After recounting the story to my boss he pointed out that 'only women would step up to do something like that'. I think it was more just who was around.

I hope your little girl wasn't too disturbed.

Wait a sec. Don't you get weekends off or something? You're still on cookie duty on Sundays??

Howard, I can think of very few better ways to spend a weekend off than going out for cookies and milk with my oldest.

I could do without all the paparazzi, though.

Primetime is going to owe a ratings bump to the LD readers waiting for a glimpse of "The Dad."

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