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January 16, 2007


I'm hanging my head like a dog
'Cause my limerick didn't make the long slog.
One verse ain't enough
Warning of teens is more tough.
Must stop reading and start my own blog!

Thanks for the fun! You people do bring back the days. And anyone reading, go vote for that mom of triplets. I don't know how she's awake now without coffee and donuts.

Vote for me! (If I win, instead of coffee and doughnuts, can I get a big lookydaddy sign that says "GIRLS!" that I can carry with me as I go shopping?)

One of the finalists, JudieDJ, has asked me, if she were to win, to donate her prize to a local women's shelter.

Instead, I propose the following: The coffee, chocolate, and donuts will still go to the winner, but no matter who wins, I will make a donation of $105 (the number of comments made on the Limerick Challenge) on behalf of all the entrants, to a local shelter.

JudieDJ, you are one of a kind.

Well, I was just about to post the following (I actually need to write everything in Office around you actual writers)
"I am thrilled and honored that my limerick would be chosen! Remember, if I win…..I ask that my prize be donated to “The Dad’s” local Woman’s shelter. This saves the dad a few bucks, and we all know how well he does at the post office anyway."
But I see that TheDad not only beat me too it, he upped the offer quite a bit. On behalf of www.gottwinz.net we thank you for your generosity.

I am de-lurking to say what a fun time I have been having reading your posts. Your writing is great --always provides a good chuckle -- and hits close to home as I am the mother of 19-mos-old identical twin girls (and I also live in Northern NJ). It definitely gets me motivated to work on turning my "mommy blog" (started for family & friends living far away from us) into something worth reading. :)

As for the limericks, how can I choose only two???

Unlike the haiku contest (where I almost pulled a Kanye West), I am honored to merely be included in the finalists. Even with 4 kids under 5, triplets scare the %$*# out of me! That one has got to win. I am, however, already working on my sonnets for the next contest.

So I guess it would be wrong of me to shamelessly admit that I still want the coffee if I win. I mean after all, I will need it considering I DID drink a whole bottle of wine.

Oooh, sonnets!! You know you want a whole sonnet about homeostasis...

Great contest, The Dad. I am rooting for the MOTHER OF SIX. I could feel the intensity of her capitalization through my computer screen.

Wow, I'm so honored!
Dude, I hope for you I don't win, I don't see how those donuts are gonna make it to Israel... If I do win, I'm donating them to second place.

Go Judi Go!!!!

Wow - I am ridiculously excited to be a finalist. Thank you so much! I had so much fun reading all the entries.

twoin2005: I'm with you. I want that coffee.


What a fun surprise to be included as a finalist (and thanks for the nice compliment, Emily)!! By the way, Looky Daddy, I live near you...

Really, Helen? I am so voting for you!

I think Shiri's ode to breasts is severly under-appreciated. Where are they breastfeeders? Where are the men!?!

I agree TheMom, but some of us are handing out 20's for a vote.......

Thank you TheMom. People, don't let those scheming mothers-of-six buy their way into limerick fame! They have it too good as it is!

I am elated to be in the top ten.....
actually floored that I made it with all you kick butt limerickers out there!

I am also shocked that the breasts aren't doing better.....I guess if the babes could vote the breasts would be there duking it out for 1st.

The Dad......so.....is it sonnets next? poems...short stories (I promise not to bombard with the onslaught and excitement of my limericking!)

Looky Daddy, you're going to have to vote for me a lot because the baby-owners are winning!

A Concession Riddle by JudieDJ

When do 3 equal more than 6?

In the LookyDaddy Limerick Challenge of course!

Congrats to Christine. You humored us, you amazed us, and mostly….you frightened us! Enjoy the coffee, and while popping a chocolate covered espresso bean, remember the SAHM of six…..and enjoy, you deserve it!

Now on a side note. Thank you The Dad for your wonderful contribution from all of your loyal posters. Believe it or not, 105 dollars will shelter and feed a battered or homeless woman and children for about a week. This is amazing that you would be willing to do this. I think you too Sir, are one of a kind.

There was a boy who went to
Thirst to had to drink tea
He went to play ball
Had a hard fall
Turned out he drank his own pee.

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