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January 18, 2007


Does this mean I should change my name to Gloria too? I'm kinda attached to the name Kathryn now..

Luther? How did she know?

Because that's a PERFECT name for a boy who will one day dream of Total World Domination.


Awesome, indeed.

LOVE it! You're right -- she IS awesome.

Hearing cute stories like this makes me just a tad less sad about the thought of my babies becoming little girls. Must be great to have an actual conversation with your children. :)

She is indeed awesome - makes me almost wish the preschool years away.

Kathryn is the awesome-est!

I'm proud to say that I'm her godfather!

Oh, my goodness! I have a tub pooper, too! Not baby poops, oh no, it was what my husband calls "man style." And what did my older boy (he's 5 now, 4 then) do? (They take tubs together, too.) He thought it was HYSTERICAL. He started talking about the size and color and whatnot. Maybe we can get him and Kathryn/Gloria together. (Does she know about the song? That's all I can think of now....)

Don't you just LOVE kids' imagination? This is a great story. It's a good one to sock away...pull out at her wedding or graduation.

She's wonderful. You'll have to start singing to her now, "Gloria! Gloria! mumble, mumble, Gloria! Gloria!"

And Amy? There's a pooping in the tub song? I never knew...

NO! There's the Gloria song!
We make up lots of songs around my house, but I wasn't quite in the mood to make up a pooping in the tub song at the time...

You're right. She is totally awesome!

Reminds me of an old camp song.....

Stan, Stan, the Lavatory Man
Chief inspector of the outhouse clan
He issues the tissues, and paper towels;
And listens to the rhythms of the various bowels

Deep, down, under the ground
Where all the little poopies go swimming around
Stan, Stan, Lavatory Man
Scoopin' up the poopies in a little tin can.

At least she didn't want to change her name to Princess Consuela Bananahammock (remember that episode of Friends?), which would have made you King Luther Bananahammock.

LOL! That is certainly one great kid.

So... was your name Luther or what?

It is a well documented fact that The Dad's folks gave him away to the Romany from 3 months to age 2. So it could be that his name was Luther during that time.

My god, Luther, she IS awesome.

My younger son, who has a perfectly lovely name, once declared that he wanted to change his name to 'Don.'

Why? I asked.

Why? Because we have a friend named Don who plays drums, and he thought that was really cool. Reason enough, I suppose.

In poop news, my friend Elizabeth has a son, Will, who at at time when his younger sister (barely toilet trained) was always ripping her clothes off and running about naked, once caught a poop IN HIS HAND rather than let it fall onto the carpet.

That's awesome too.

My son is just learning to wipe his own hiney, but he still insists on coming to me after a poop, and usually in the middle of dinner, to look at his butt to make sure it's clean. Blech! When does it end.


Seriously, that is some funny sh*t (pun intended). Avoid the rush and just start calling her Gloria now.

G-L-O-R-I-A, Gloria! (The Doors version, of course)

A lot of time I read blogs about the writers' kids and I think: total birth control.

But you? You make it sound so fun, and you make me want a baby.

Damn you.

Oh the memories-two children in the tub...one with a little something extra to offer whilst the other screams in both horror and delight. Just wait. That was quickly replaced with my 15 year old saying "give it up, Kate...you don't have boobs" and the reply from my bonnie Kate, "bite me."

How I long for poop-filled days. Ok, not really.

Oh, and the "Gloria" I think of was by Laura Brannigan. Does that date me?


The very best modification we made to our bathroom was a handheld showerhead, available at your local Lowe's for about fifteen bucks. They're awfully handy for coaxing unmentionables towards the drain.

I can't imagine where she gets her sense of humor! She is awesome!

I was just wondering if Gloria might be interested in a slightly younger but seemingly almost as awesome young Texas boy! At age 6 he is convinced he will own an Indian motorcyle and travel to collect currency from different countries. After taking a shower this weekend, he walked into the bathroom and said, "WOW! You do look better......but hmmm-the split ends gotta go!" Maybe he can get me a professional haircut with all that currency he's going to collect on his travels! Might Gloria be interested in a pen pal?

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