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February 19, 2007


Good luck, I can't wait to hear all about it as I'm sure it will be good. Look at it this way, at least they waited till they were around 2. I am pretty sure that my mom said she had to move me out of my crib much closer to one as I was climbing/falling out of it. But then I've seen pics of me completely mobile at like 9 months. If I have a baby like me, I could be in a whole world of trouble.

I am considering putting boo in a bed this year. He is a co-sleeper and leaves us no place if any on the bed. And i am not looking forward to it.Any suggestions?

I meant putting him on a bed of his own!

My girls are just past 2-1/2 and i haven't even considered going to big beds. (the first time they swung their little legs over the crib gate, i had my dh in there with his tools lowering the mattress to the floor!)
I figured that mine will think its waaay more fun to hang out with your best buddy/partner in crime and play, than to sleep!

Anxious to see how things turn out. Good luck to you!
(p.s. really like your writing, your descriptions are so vivid)

That must be one scary ass bird, hope it doesn't poop on my car.

Thanks for making my Monday morning bearable, as always you are hilarious. Good luck with the crib to bed transition.

You are a very brave man! I don't plan on taking my two girls out of their cribs until high school. LOL! Good luck!

Good luck with the big girl bed transition. We have been known to place the baby gate in front of our twins' door so that they don't escape in the middle of the night. Or too early in the morning. Or before nap time is over. The girls will eventually get it; until then you may try having them nap in separate rooms. We've found if our boys don't have a partner in crime to keep them awake when they should be sleeping, they do much better. They don't like it, but at least they sleep.

Maybe this will work; I read about it on an advice site. Tell them when it's nap time that you will check on them in 5 minutes--but if they get up before then, you will have to reset the clock for 5 MORE minutes, and explain that this means they have 5 LESS minutes of story time, play time, etc. later on. If they DO stay in bed for the full 5 minutes, when you check on them, tell them you're proud, then say you'll check on them again in another 5 minutes. Repeat as necessary until they fall asleep. Essentially, the idea is to teach consequences and yet give them the feeling of some control. It may take a few attempts, but it's worth trying.

Do not fear, Dad. I'm making martinis right now. Feel free to cry into the glass.

BTW, your post gave me a big knot in the pit of my stomach. While your writing entertains me so very much, inevitably the laughter dies down and is replaced by tears, because I know that what is happening to you is only a few short months away for me. Cheers.

This is exactly why we kept our oldest in his crib until he literally grew out of it at 3 years old. If my youngest starts climbing out, I am planning on buying one of those crib "tents" to put over his crib ... like a cage... yes sleep is very very important to me.

Your post is proof that we're right when I vow not to move my 22 month olds to beds until they're old enough to sneak a contraband pocket knife into bed and cut themselves out of their crib tents. At which point, we'll empty out the room and turn the doorknob around.

Must. Have. Peace. After. 7. PM.....

(hope it gets better soon.)

When I transitioned my twins to big boy beds their room was stripped of everything. No toys. No curtains. No pictures on the wall. The sliding closet doors were locked with hook-and-eye locks. I put a doorknob cover on the inside. This felt like a safety hazard to me until I realized if there was a fire they weren't going to be getting themselves out anyway. My beautiful nursery now resembled a prison cell.

Still, it was hell. Pure hell. Good luck.

important p.s.- if you have a dresser in your girls room, please take it out or bolt it to the wall. They can scale the drawers and pull the dresser on top of themselves. Sadly, I know of a twin toddler who died this way.

I know a bunch of rednecks (I live in Iowa) and I could probably get someone to shoot that big-assed bird down... just a thought. The girls just turned two, and I'm not stupid, er... confident enough to try beds yet. So good luck with that!!!

We transitioned our daughter to a bed three months before she turned two, and believed that she didn't try to climb out of bed because she never considered climbing out of her crib. She's going to be three in a month and still has not climbed out of bed on her own. I advocate that earlier is better than later, but my experience is limited to one child.

Hmmm. If your experience ends up being anything like mine (and, for your sake, I hope it doesn't), then expect a vicious flock of big ass birds to descend upon you as you progress through this extremely unpleasant transition. We started our move to big girl beds with mattresses on the floor. The girls wouldn't go near the things during the day. They basically flaked out on the couch or in the middle of their playroom during naptime...and I never dared move them. Our night-time routine consisted of me lying on the hard floor between the two mattresses and holding on to each of their hands in the dark until they ever-so-achingly slowly fell completely asleep. Of course, this didn't go on forever...just a couple of torturous months or so. (By then those birds will really have developed a taste for vodka.) Obviously, my methods are not to be looked to for inspiration. However, by the time they were 2 and 1/2, my girls were happily brushing their teeth, alternating beds each night for story time, and not making a peep after I said goodnight and closed their door at 8pm. So go ahead and botch your way through this. They'll straighten out the situation eventually. You can't possibly do a worse job than I did, and this is probably the last really difficult transition you'll have to endure until the whole school thing. Enjoy!

Oh, I'm so not looking forward to meeting that big assed bird. We caged our monkeys with crib tents at 15 months and it stopped the thuds and returned us to blissfully sleepy naptimes. I plan to keep this arrangement as long as possible (probably until they learn to chew through the tents...)

I'll be interested to see how this goes for you and happy to read the post declaring that the bird is dead.

Loose extension cords? Looky Daddy, make a trip to Home Depot and get cord covers. They stick to the wall and make any cord toddler-proof. You can even paint them if you have that kind of time. You know, if a miracle occurs....

Congrats on making the big switch!

We made the switch at 3 years, last August, and we still battle 5 out of 7 nights a week getting them go to sleep. It really got worse after they were potty trained, then every night they would run out of their room, hand in hand, giggling and joyfully announcing that they had to go potty. Of course, there was rarely ever any pee after 5 minutes of arguing about getting off the potty.

It gets better, like I mentioned, we only go through this about 5 out of 7 nights a week.

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