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April 12, 2007


May he rest in peace! Warped as he was, he was an excellent writer... much like someone else I know (hint, hint)

Really? You know Irvine Welsh?

I'm so depressed.


I titled my post the very same thing.

It was either that or Boku-Maru in Unitarian Heaven.

And I knew EXACTLY what the image was!!

Kurt Vonnegut is dead? So it goes, indeed. How is it not on CNN.com yet? I knew I hated them for a reason. Stupid crappy newsertainment.

Forgive me.... I had to google him. Can we blame the public education system?

Delurking in shared sorrow. Kurt is one of my favorite authors ever. Breakfast of Champions really influenced me in high school, it helped me to question authority (in a good way).

Stop Smiling magazine had a wonderful article/interview with Kurt last August. They've posted it online as a tribute.

He will be sorely missed. And so on...

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