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April 30, 2007


Oh yeah, the voting will be open until Wednesday, May 2nd at 10 PM EST. I'll post the winner on Thursday.

I don't know who you are, Amelia, but I sure like your little ditty! You sound like a good fit for 3-martinis....

I love Virginia's !!!! (Joe-Rae-Dee) I am going to assume that they are all children...and this part..."shawn..he came along with Flo.." is making me die! Perfect for that part of the song and describing twins! LOL...loved that one!

Oops, I meant Joe-Ray-Lee! Sorry Virginia!

Thanks Emily & Crystal. Definitely referencing children and not lovers - although that brings a whole other dynamic to the song doesn't it?

Thanks for all the votes!

For me! Vote for me! And my Ode!

And Mr. LookyDaddy, if I win, I'm expecting that vodka and vermouth in my mailbox, federal law be damned!

I feel like a disappointment having not participated after being a finalist in the haiku and limerick contests. You caught me at a bad time - busy at home and work. But there is no way I could have topped "Joe-Ray-Lee." That one is awesome.

Vote for Nicole! Vote for Nicole! We've all been there and you can't deny that technically, the new lyrics work perfectly with the original tune. The second verse is a thing of brilliance!

Disclaimer: This is a totally unbiased plug for Nicole by her darling husband.

I was hesitant to chime in at first, mainly because 1. I don't have twins (but I know a mom who has TWO SETS!) and 2. My children are older than most of the folks I see posting.

But thank you for the nomination! I got a million of those songs tucked away in here (taps on head)...I should have posted more :)

What do you mean you can't send vodka and vermouth through the mail? You weren't seriously going to tell the postal worker what was in the box, were you?!

Well, heck, vote for me anyway! After cleaning up yet another of the MANY poop Picasso masterpieces first thing this morning, I NEED that "non alcoholic" prize (wink, wink, nudge)

I swear I didn't pay him to say that. Not with money, anyway.

Vote Butt Rash today! ;)

Do not vote for "Birthday Breakdown"! I appreciate the nod, but I don't yet need the prize--I'm still trying to conceive. Send lots of good thoughts to that end instead. Or if anybody has an extra twin or somethin'... that would make an amazing prize!

Go Butt Rash!!

I loved "Joe Ray Lee," which is just brilliant, and "The Get Ready for School Song" which made me wonder why geminimama hasn't put Milo up for adoption.

I loved "Joe Ray Lee," which is just brilliant, and "The Get Ready for School Song" which made me wonder why geminimama hasn't put Milo up for adoption.

Vote for geminimama. Milo and my son are teetering the cusp of doing most things for themselves and this song describes precisely every outing I make. And Joy, she can't put Milo up for adoption. Who would my six year-old play with?

Oh yeah, Shawn and Flo--wicked funny!

Love the driving thing. Reminds me of my nephew.

Did I mention I have almost-two-year-old twins in addition to Dear Milo, who will turn six three days after the twins turn two? Did I mention they're all boys? That should count for some sympathy votes, right?

I'm mired in the butt rash battles myself these days, so I have to give that one a vote. Love all the lyrics - esp: "On the table holding down a writhing toddler is no treat.
Arms a-flailing, he's a-wailing My black eye shaped like his feet."

"Ninety-nine point eight percent" is also brilliant and fits perfectly with Mary Had a Little Lamb. Well done.

Your comment to replace the line "Why must you use your teeth to bite?" (I suggest the following for the 4the line: “Use your little teeth to bite.”) clearly shows that you never had to deal with a child who bites while nursing! :)


It was obnoxious of me to suggest that to poor Lily...I intended it as a run-on sentence from the previous line. Sorry, Lily, I do like your song, as is! (I have been bitten during breastfeeding, frequently, if it's any consolation).


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