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May 02, 2007


I'm sorry, what you've been through these past two weeks sounds horrible. I would probably had to be institutionalized if I had to go through it, and I'm cringing at the mere thought of my child having to endure what Lila went through. But this:

Waah--ooh! By lib! By lib beels bunny!

It's just too funny. Poor Lila.

Oh Daddy. Oh Lila.

I can't imagine trying this our 2 year old. I have so much respect for you right now...I know I'd be falling apart!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective
- www.daddydetective.com

Sitting here reading your post at my job as a pediatric dentist. Just to be safe: Penchi is probably the word for "forceps." Dentists don't use pliers! :)
P.S. the extractions are usually worse for the parents than they are for the child in the long term.

So truly sorry that Lila had to endure such torture. I hope she is feeling much better and you and the Mom have recovered from this awful experience. When my daughter(almost one) fell down and hit her head, she had to have four stitches in her right eyebrow. I will never forget her screams when we had to hold her down so they could use the needle for the anesthetic and then put in the stitches....my sympathies.

Ugh. What a terrible couple of weeks! If it makes you feel any better (it probably won't) I managed to knock my teeth out on not one but two occasions as a child, necessitating similar unpleasant dental experiences. Not only do I now have a full mouth of my own, healthy teeth, I don't have any undue anxiety about dentists or oral hygiene. I'm sure my parents can't say the same thing.

Wishing a speedy recovery to all involved, and that includes you and your trauma.

I'm not certain that I will ever recover from reading this story.

Poor Lila! I feel your pain! In the last year, my son has put us through many ER visits. Last Cinco de Mayo, he lost his balance, fell, and hit a very sharp table at the Air Force Base squadron that my hubby was in. That was 10 stitches to sew up a hole in his lip that he bit through. About a month later, another trip to the ER to take out the rusty, metal rib rack that went straight through his foot and came out by his ankle. I still have nightmares from that night. Nothing seems as bad as yesterday at the doctor's office. It was his 5 year old checkup and I just happened to mention that I wanted him to get a chicken pox booster. Thank God that my hubby was there. My twins were in another room getting their shots. My hubby is 6'2 1/2 and could barely hold down my son to get his shot. Screams were heard throughout the entire building. He said that it was worse than any ER visit. Next week, my hubby gets to take him to the dentist. LOL! :)

I can't imagine. Poor child. Poor daddy. Although "By lib beels bunny" almost makes up for it.

Oh by gob! You could really use a break in the luck department.
I'd love to know how you explained to your helpful Japanese-tutor why you needed to know how to say ""I want to take your panties off with my teeth"!

The Spanish sound cognate for pinche is a curse word (the four letter one). The Spanish word would be more fitting for the situation.

'Forceps' is a euphemism for pliers.
And I think the japanese word for pliers, (if not 'pinche'), is pronounced poo-ry-ah-zoo.
Sounds like The Dad deserves a snort of laughing gas.

Daddy of the Year?

Your a bigger man then my husband would have been. One of our 3 yr old tweins lost a tooth(she chewed on the rug too much as a baby). But hers hung there for a year. He'd have passed out cold. lol

What I want to know is what's tenth on your list of things you never want to do again?

I might have nightmares about that tonight.
And my husband thought the story was "funny" so he's definitely the one taking the kid to the dentist...

Ever seen Bill Cosby's "Himself"?
He has a segment about his trip to the dentist....very funny.

First off, I am with "How About Two" on the applicability of the word "pinche" here.

Second off, JESUS CHRIST MAN what living h-e-double toothpicks for all involved.

Third off, per usual, so beautifully rendered, with equal parts poingnancy and fantastic humor. I will be first in line at the book signing following your reading, when you are on book tour out in these parts. I see NY Times best-seller written all over these pages, dude.

Fourth off, I am leaving work right now to go and shrink-wrap a five-inch thick layer of high density foam around both daughter and son. With cut-outs around their face for breathing, eating, and seeing, and a coupla on the side for hearing. Oh, and a biggie down below for you-know-what.

Dang, The Dad ... double or triple up on the Martinis this week, OK? And, next week, too.

One of my twins had an infected lymph node the last couple weeks and when we first found it on her neck it was, oh, about the size of a Clementine. Yeah, that was fun.
Then, magically, because I don't understand the human body AT ALL it turned into a freaking wound. Like a big fat blister the size of a golf ball. Then it drained like one, too. Nice.

I wonder sometimes if I'm really going to make it through this whole parenting thing. I mean, I'm only 16 months in and ready to quit most days.


What I want to know is what is number one? That trip to the dentist would be a contender for my number one thing I never want to do again, caring for two screaming newborns, with reflux and colic on about an alloted one hour of sleep a night. Good luck, things have got to start looking up from here!

I have to argue that forceps and pliers are not equivalent. Although there are a variety of kinds of forceps. But the instrument that helped my son out into the world was definitely NOT pliers. Epidural or no, had I seen giant pliers instead of giant salad tongs coming toward me at that moment, I could have managed to run from the building.

My sympathies to Lila and parents. I am an "old parent," i.e, the children are grown now. (finally) Proof that parents and children survive all this. One of mine gouged a furrow from eyebrow to crown, right to the bone! ER staff stapled his scalp together with what looked like a staple gun out of someone's garage. Little Geek-Boy fell and caught cheekbone on a tree-stump. Side of his face swelled up to the size of a grapefruit, and blacked both eyes. I was afraid to take him out of the house, in fear of child abuse charges. Japanese beetle in an ear one night, ER tech shines bright (hot)light in, causing bug to burrow further and lacerate the eardrum. Took 3 to hold down the kid for all that.
Best one was when our power went out one evening (frequent occurrence there) and I mumble to myself, "Some dumb SOB took out the pole on the corner again!" Five minutes later, the dumb SOB staggers in my back door, bleeding all over, confirms that a pole is indeed down again, lightening-speed trip to ER, where their bright lights allow me to see just how many injuries he's got, spent 8 days in hospital. Today's horror stories become kind-of funny as the years go by. (but it takes a lot of years, and a few beers)

My sympathies to you and Lila. Our 6year old has had three teeth pulled in the last two months....hell on earth, isn't it?

Aww, and here I was complaining about a little old neck thing.

You win!

Hee hee, I've been there too! I have 2.5 year old twins and the elder of the two has some serious issues with gravity. She fell out of our computer chair, did a face plant on the wood floor and that resulted in our first trip to the pedi dentist, where we discovered that she cracked a molar. So, at the ripe old age of 18 months, my daughter received a gorgeous crown in her tiny little mouth. We call it her special tooth.

Now, in addition to that, she was born with a split front tooth. When I first saw the picture you posted of your daughter's front tooth, I laughed out loud because if I didn't know any better, I'd swear I was looking at my own child's mouth!

I have to say that I'm encouraged by the fact that "older" parents are posting here giving me hope that I, too, shall persevere!

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