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June 07, 2007


I didn't technically make it to 36 weeks~I was 35 weeks, 3 days. But I did have two approximately 6 lb babies that roomed in and came home with me 48 hours later~no NICU time. I was never on bedrest, had an umcomplicated vaginal delivery, and breastfed them for 13 months.

Because of my advanced maternal age (translation old as the hills - the doctor managed to mention my age EVERY single time I saw him; like I would forget), I was put on modified bedrest (house arrest) at 20 weeks because my doctor was just sure that I would go early. No way I would make term, he predicted...over and over again. He told me that he would schedule a c-section at 37 weeks but he assured me I would never make it...no way. The week before my due date, he announced that the hospital was too busy to schedule the c-section the day of my 37th week; it might be a whole week later. After straggling him with my advanced maternal hands, he managed to get me into the hospital the day after I hit 37 weeks. I never went into labor. He was an hour late to the c-section by the way; I will never forgive him. My boys were both over 6 pounds and we were never even close to the NICU.

The doctor's comment during delivery; My goodness these are big boys!

No twins in my home (unless you count my dustbunnies), but I do have one question, The Mom: Why oh why did you wait so long to start eating ice cream any time you pleased? There's an unwritten rule that ice cream is its own food group, just like chocolate.

My sister-in-law was induced at 39 weeks with her girls. Both were just over 6 lbs and went home 36 hours later!

I made it to 36w, 3d. Both boys were over 6lbs. But I can't tell my story as I was on limited activity for almost 4 months and my boys were in special care for a week. That is not unreasonable for 36 weekers.

However I can tell my aunt's story. She had her scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. Her kids were 7lb 15oz and 9lbs. Almost 17 lbs of baby. No pre-term labor, no bed rest, and she was taking care of a 2yr old at the same time.

*cracks knuckles*

I think I still hold the Uterus of Steel medal so here goes.

I never had pre-term labor, truth be told, I never went into REAL labor either. I never went on bedrest, I worked until days before they were born. The only reason I didn't continue to work the week they were born was because their father had taken off work and convinced me to stay home. If he had gone to work, so would I. (Besides, I just loved hearing my coworkers say "You're STILL pregnant??!!!?") I never had a single complication. Kinda boring, really...

I think I started begging to do my own c-section around week 37 but anytime the word "induce" was mentioned, I begged out of it. Week 38 came and went with my Dr saying things like "we really should induce you soon" and "You really should get the epidural." (I think she meant right that second which that idea did have merit, I must admit) Week 39 and my Dr starting getting more insistent and made me pick a day: May 5th, the original "there's only one in there" 40 week due date.

At 40 weeks I was induced, still having not gone into labor on my own. They were born vaginally with no epidural about 4 hours after I finally felt a contraction. Twenty-three minutes of pushing gave me Nick and Alex shot out after a "5 minute break" and one push. They were 5lbs 14ozs and 6lbs 8ozs. They roomed in with me and we all went home two days later. I was the talk of the labor ward, too, like an urban legend of twin pregnancies.

And two years later, I weigh the same as I did before I got pregnant. (I lost 90% of the weight within six months but I was really trying to keep a little of it.) (I'm a scrawny bitch, sorry.)

I had my babies at 38wks via scheduled c-section. I had no bedrest, no complications what so ever besides the usually pains of being pregnant with 2 babies. My husband is in the navy and left on a 6 month deployment when I was 7 months pregnant and all the while I was taking care of my 7 y/o and I didn't have any family around to help me. They arrived a few days before I had the babies. I will say having a pg woman left alone with no husband to help out or be there for support really sucks and I cried alot lol. My babies are now 10 months old my husband returned home when they were almost 4 months.

We moved to a new city when I was 5 months pregnant with my twins. My first visit with the doctor went well, he told me that if I stayed well-hydrated and got as much rest as I could, he thought I would be fine. He also told me that if I reached 37 weeks, we could talk about how I could be "done". Well, at my 37-week check-up he said I was doing great, come see him again next week. Stop right there! "But you're doing so well," he said, "if you keep going you'll eventually go into labor and you could deliver 2 9-pound babies and you and I will have our pictures on the front page of the paper!". Yeah, right. 4 days later I was induced and 24 hours after that I delivered vaginally my son (5 lbs. 4 oz.) and 20 minutes later my daughter arrived (6 lbs. 1 oz.), and they both came home with me from the hospital 3 days later. I agree, there are plenty of stories about twin pregnancies and deliveries without complications, too!

I have a friend who had to be INDUCED with twins because she was two weeks overdue! She was PISSED. If I remember correctly, the babies were both around 8 lbs. They were all fine.

I made it to 38 weeks with my little boy/girl lovelies, who are now 3 1/2. I delivered vaginally after an induced labor. My experience:

-- The more weight you gain earlier in your pregnancy can help you keep those babies inside where they belong. There is a woman at the University of Michigan multiples clinic who has posted a suggested diet for those pregnant with multiples. I can't remember her name (I have twins, remember?), just google it. You get to eat lots and lots.
-- I had a glass of wine each week during my pregnancy, and everything turned out just fine.
-- I am 5 feet 2 inches on a good day and gained more than 80 pounds. It was very scary.
-- I got a PUPP (pustules and papules of pregnancy) rash the last week of my pregnancy and my husband had to pack me in ice so I could sleep. The only cure is delivering your placentas, so we induced.
-- It is possible to breastfeed twins, I did it for the first year.
-- Last, but certainly not least....if you deliver twins vaginally you will probably have some pretty major scar tissue in there. You don't have to have painful sex forever. There are physical therapists who specialize in breaking up scar tissue inside your hoo-ha. It's not pleasant, but it beats the alternative. Don't suffer!

I delivered my twin girls on the first day of the 38th week. I had a feeling that I would carry them another week or so, but the doctor didn't want to take any chances, so he scheduled it for the 38th week. I had absolutely normal pregnancy, normal blood pressure, no swelling on my legs or anywhere throughout the pregnancy and no bed rest. I had gained 31 lbs. Just one complaint during last 4 weeks was that I was not able to walk at all as one of the babies was pressing one nerve on my left leg. But I worked from home for those 4 weeks as I was able to sit in my chair the whole day. My c-section was scheduled for 1 pm, and I was working until 10 am and then my husband drove us to the hospital. My babies were normal too, all three of us came home together after a 5-day stay at the hospital. They were 6 lbs 6 ozs and 4 lbs 11 ozs.

I gave birth two days shy of the 37 week mark. I had already made it clear that I wanted a C Section (after a horrid labor with my first son). Annelise was born first, weighing 5 lbs, 3 oz, and Mario came two minutes later at 6 lb. 6 oz. Both roomed with me. Even though I sobbed and begged them to let me stay, we were discharged less than 48 hours later. My recovery was infinitely quicker and easier than with my first son, probably because I knew what to expect, and I felt as light as a feather and grateful to be able to walk without my sciatic nerve screaming in protest. I didn't gain as much weight with the twins, so I had lost all of it within three months. Come to think of it, the pregnancy was the easy part. Newborn twins and a toddler-not so easy. Best advice I got from another twin mom-it doesn't get easier, it just gets different.

I don't have twins, but my good friend does. She went to 37w5d and went into labor on her own. The only "complication" she had was that second one coming out got wedged funny and they had to use the vacuum to help him along. But otherwise, no NICU, no drugs, no bedrest, and she was able to BF both of them once they came home. Which I believe was 3 days after they were born. :)

Hello moms to be of twins.

I had boy/girl twins December 6, 2006. I made it to 38 weeks 5 days of my twin pregnancy. Jack was born first weighing in at 5lb 13 oz 21 inches long and Lilly was born weighing in 5lb 11oz and was 18 1/2 inches long. They both weighed more than my first son and I lasted longer with the twins as well.

I probably could have made it to my due date, but I begged my OB to split my membrane, because the insufferable pain of my skin streching was more than I could handle.

My twins were born vaginally; with epidural; no complications; six minutes apart. They are now six months old and I am like 10 years behind on laundry and sleep.

Yes, there are the horror stories and there are complications with many multiple births, but there are also the ones like us...who could not get our twins pregnancies over with.

My OB made the mistake of uttering the words "Make it to 37 weeks" and we'll talk. He regretted those very words, as I hassled him and made him understand that I was so not going to make it to 40 weeks. A week later he split my membrane, the next day I had Jackson and Lillian.

Good Luck!

I made it to 36 weeks 2 days before my water broke. Wasn't having contractions yet so they started the drugs to induce. Delivered my twins about 24 hours later vaginally. Baby A 5.8 lbs was head first and Baby B 5.3 lbs feet first. Baby B came out a little less graceful but no NICU or Special Care Nursery for these little darlings. They spent one extra night under the lights as their bilirubin levels were high. They came home on bili-blankets but were off them in a couple of days. I had a short cervix, gestational diabetes and morning sickness through most of the pregnancy. I was never on bedrest, my doctor just said I would know when I needed to slow down and he was right. I was also chasing an 18 month old through most of the pregnancy (23 months apart). I think our twins club did a survey of how long we all carried our twins and the average was between 36-38 weeks but many other carried them a full 40 weeks. It can be done!

My twins were delivered via planned c-section at 38 1/2 weeks. (The practice I belong to only delivers multiples via C-section and, as it turned out, one of my babies was breech, so, although I wasn't happy about it, it somehow seemed justified.) I was originally scheduled to come in at 39 weeks but the hospital called with an opening 4 days earlier. I was getting so big I said, "I'll take it!" Besides, the birthdate was neat - 2/22. I often wonder how long I would have gone if I waited to go into labor. I had an easy, uneventful pregnancy. Aside from the gigantic size of my belly, everything else stayed pretty much the same. No bedrest, no complications, no major aches or pains, nothing. I worked and drove up until the day I delivered, which was a good thing, as I have a preschooler I needed to take to/from school each day. My babies were born weighing 6 lbs., 7 oz and 6 lbs, 9 oz. Both healthy, no NICU and we all went home 4 days later.

Once we knew I was pregnant with twins, I too heard the familiar warnings from my Dr. about how old I was and to prepare for bedrest. However, things didn't go that way. I took a two week bus tour/vacation to Austria and Switzerland while 4 months pregnant. I skipped a few bell tower climbs, but walked all of the tours and to the top of the medium peaks. I continued to travel/fly for work up through my 7th month. By my 36th week, and I was still working, my Dr. said we need to schedule you next week to "blast those guys out". (He refused to let me go past 38 weeks since he lost a set of twins after 40 weeks to a mom who refused to be induced.) While in my 36th week (July), I played in a golf tournament on Monday and won longest drive contest as well as closest to the pin... woowhoo... being pregnant with twins totally enhanced my golf game (although finding maternity golf shorts with pockets for holding tees and balls was hard to find!) Then on Wednesday I went through that nesting thing and had a yard sale at my house. The temps were in the upper 90's. But a major thunderstorm came through late in the day... and you know how major barometric pressure changes induces labor... so at midnight my water broke and we were off to the hospital. After inducing for 24 hours and not having the desired result, the Dr. took my wonderful, healthy B/G twins (at 6 pounds each) by C-Section at 12:32 a.m. the next morning. A huge success story after trying for 6 years to have kids!

I went to 37 wks, 1 day. I am quite short, 5'1", and big babies run in my family. I had a completely uneventful pregnancy. No bedrest, no special treatment other than level II ultrasounds. I did not even get sicker than I had with my singletons (both of whome were boys), though I have read older women get less morning sickness.

I was a prior emergency c-section because my first one was 9.5 lbs and not in the right position (but I tried for 24 hrs first!), so I had to have a c-section with the girls, because of the risk of rupture. I had it at 37 weeks, 1 day because my cervix was still very long, but I was running out of space for my amnions. My body was nowhere near labor. The doctor didn't want them running out of fluid.

My girls came out at 6 lbs, 13 ozs; and 6 lbs, 9 ozs, no NICU. I nursed for 27 months and never used bottles even with breastmilk in them. (I was, however, an experienced nurser from my two previous children.) The nurses told me it's impossible to nurse twins, but they were wrong.

That first year is really tough because of the sleep deprivation, but it's been a wonderful ride and I wouldn't trade any of it!

Although I'm currently only 34+5 (and I'm probably tempting the Fates by typing this), I'll throw my story in, too.

At my appointment yesterday, my Dr. decided we should schedule my section because his calendar is filling up and he assumes I'll make it that far. The date? 39+1. I'm currently on no restrictions, although he says it would be reasonable at this point to try and pawn off walking the dog on my husband (but he won't put it in writing).

I currently work 20 hrs/wk from home and do child-swapping with my sister, which means I watch her three boys two 10-hour days/week (ages 5, 3, and 7 months). My own child is almost 2.

My concessions this pregnancy: I didn't plant a garden this year and I only do laundry when someone's underwear drawer is dangerously low. And ice cream. I eat ice cream -- the good stuff, no less -- every night after my toddler is in bed (so I don't have to share).

I have to say, the hardest part of this pregnancy so far has been having to pick BOTH a girl and a boy name.

Thanks, The Mom, for doing this. I gave all my twin pregnanyc books to a friend to hide for me because they were so full of horror stories that they were keeping me up at night!

My story: I had my twins (now 3.5 years) in rural Guatemala. We had no car, so I walked everywhere throughout my pregnancy, including up and down hills carrying groceries and other necessities. I carried to just under 36 weeks with no restrictions; it was a totally healthy and active pregancy except for ugly foot & leg swelling (perhaps due partially to the heat there). I had 12 hours of un-induced labor and delivered vaginally, with no meds. My daughter was born first at 5 lbs and my son came out 1 push (and 12 minutes) later at 4 lbs 8 ozs. They were perfectly fine and we all went home 24 hours later (as is normal in that part of the world). I nursed them both for 10 months.

I know that we were very lucky, as a hospital with a NICU was many hours away. But in retrospect I think it helped me a lot to be in a culture where being pregnant & giving birth are not made such a big deal of as they can be here - it allowed me to relax and enjoy it more.

This is great!!!! It is empowering to hear all these stories.

Hang in there, Twin Moms to Be, it is ALL worth it.

aside from major morning sickness the first 15 weeks and a very ugly, painful, freakish rash for a few weeks early in the pregnancy, i had a totally normal uneventful pregnancy. no bed rest, gained 38 lbs, no stretch marks, just some yucky spider veins.

if i remember correctly, i was dilated and effaced starting at around 35 weeks. by the time i was 37.5 weeks along, i was further dilated and effaced, but showing no real progress and, as you can all relate, was huge, miserable and ridiculously hot and uncomfortable (it was august). so, my dr and i agreed enough was enough, she stripped my membranes to get things started (i still don't really know what this means and don't really want to, but it was painful) and told me to show up at the hospital later that evening. after lots of pitocin, and finally having to break baby a's water, i finally went into real labor and pushed out baby a with no issues. then the fun started. baby b just would not come out. we found out after the birth that she had a short umbilical cord (why they never caught this on the 10,000 ultrasounds i had was beyond me) and couldn't descend down the birth canal. anyway, in came the anesthesiologist (sp?), they started to do the c-section, but the anesthesia hadn't kicked in (OUCH!) and baby a was in so much distress at this point that they did an emergency c-section with general anesthesia. at this point there were about 20 drs and nurses in the room and they had kicked out my husband. it was total and utter chaos.

but, all's well that ends well - both babies were perfectly healthy (6lb 2oz and 5 lb 2 oz), had no nicu time, and we were home in a few days. and i have a fun (well, not really) story to scare pregnant twin mommies with!

I should let The Mom hijack the site more often, these stories are most impressive. And Ruth, your last sentence makes me feel that you somehow missed the point of this exercise. :)

I'll join the campaign to calm pregnant twin mom's to be. Thanks for asking us to share our most favorite stories! I had my fraternal twin boys at 36 weeks, 6 days. I had a planned c-section as Charlie was butt-down breach. However, by the time I arrived at the hospital I was already 7 cm, and the doc even did a last minute ultrasound to see if Charlie had moved -- no dice. Getting to 7 cm was entirely painless. The c-section was uneventful. Charlie was 6 lbs., 7 oz. and Zach was 4 lbs., 14 oz. No special nursery time. I stopped breastfeeding after the first week and reallocated my resources elsewhere, and the boys did GREAT.

I'm curious what the first trimester diet was all about because I lost weight. My diet consisted of saltine crackers, 7-up, white castle burgers, and viactiv multivitamin chews. I went on house arrest, which I highly recommend, at 29 weeks. I mostly stuck to the rules, but still went shopping. I was only put on house arrest because Zach was small compared to his brother (and because I begged to not have to go back to that evil, evil office anymore). They called it discordent twin growth. I call it: Zach takes after my leaner side and Charlie takes after Dad's moose-like frame.

Yea and Hi to The Mom. I think it's funny that you're taking over The Dad's blog. Did you tie him up somewhere? Should we be worried?

I have no kids, so no twins, but my cousin (first even)does. Fraternal twins, one of each at 37 weeks, 5 days. She heard all the pre-term stories and announced at 24 weeks that it was not going to be her and she was no longer going to listen to it. She started yoga at 32 weeks, worked until 34.5 weeks (by choice), never went on bedrest and gave birth (vaginal)on January 16, 2006 to Regan who was 6lbs, 2oz & Beckett who was 6lbs, 6oz. They went home after about 48 hours and have been giving their parents hell ever since.

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