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July 21, 2007


Happy Birthday.

I'll drink a cold glass of yellow, foamy liquid in your honor.

Heading out to drink a cold one in your honor, and all of us down here wish you the best.

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Luther!

delurking to wish you all the best on your b-day

I hope today's end was better than it's beginning sounded like it was (which sounds pretty damned cool!). Happy Bird Day!

All the best to you for a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday, young man... I'm a couple years ahead of you - no longer young enough or strong enough to be a stay at home dad with twins. A few hours with my girls wear me out.

Happy birthday! And my belated condolences on the 21st birthday keg.

Mazal Tov! Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday. Well I did manage to drink several beers tonight as I was at a keg/BBQ farewell party so I raised one for you.

Happy Birthday! Cheers.

Happy Birthday. Hope you get what you wish for...LOL. but I doubt it somehow.

Happy, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, my friend! I drank a whole lotta wine in your honor last night.

Hope you had a great day. All the best bloggers were born in July, you know. ;)

The nice part of this birthday is that your head won't hurt as bad. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! I'm a long time reader, and a first time commenter. This blog really helped me take the plunge on becoming a stay at home dad. Once you've cleaned up the warm, yellow, foamy liquid, have a cold one!

- Mike

Like all the others, I too would like to wish you well today and here's hoping next year is just as good (or better...which would you prefer?) than this one!

Another Parent of Twins

I guess I'm a little late but Happy Birthday!

You know you're a parent of twins when you read about a keg spewing and the first thing you think about is what a horrible mess that guy's van must have been and how the twins could be making a mess like that right now so I'd better go see why they're suddenly being so very quiet...

Happy (late now) birthday!

Happy birthday, a little late! Hope you had a good one. My 38th is coming in November...about the time I may be attempting some potty training with my twins.

Many Happy Returns, The Dad!

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