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September 11, 2007


So funny, and a little obscene. Congrats on your new abundance of free time. Maybe you can use tomorrows time to appologize to Jesus. :0)

You crack me up! I'm glad it was The Mom taking the video when you were "looking at the ladies" on the computer! I'm sure you were a little happy to see the girls after their first day-----weren't you?

I can not stop laughing. that is the best! sure beats the way I spent those precious 2 hours...crying and missing my kid. :)

Holy shit, you sure can fit in too much fun in only a few precious hours. Until I saw that Kathyrn was helping out w/ the videocam, I was afraid the twins were stepping on her as they got out of the van. Because they couldn't see her.
And thanks for giving me a great idea for the Webkinz.

Absolutely the funniest Looky Daddy post ever!! Also, the interior of your minivan is really gross.

Hilarious! Great work, LD!

friggin' genius! also, this is EXACTLY what i KNOW my husband is doing when he's at home alone during the day -- thanks for the graphic confirmation!

of course, when i'm at home alone, it's all baking cupcakes, doing laundry and vacuuming floors . . .

One of the best posts ever!! That is EXACTLY how I feel after everyone is gone. Sorry Amber, but I definitely don't cry. I start crying Friday afternoon until Sunday night. Congratulations on your freedom!

That was the best. So Lila went? Good for you. Amber, really? Crying and missing your kid? Do you just have one? I think the likelihood of doing that kind of thing decreases exponentially with each child and, with twins, may have yet to happen in recorded history.

Dude, your van is a mess. Did you know that?

Oh my, way too funny!!

Not quite the same, but our oldest just started kindergarten and the other three just went in their rooms for naps. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

Well done Looky Daddy!

We were extra psyched to see you rockin' out to GH...my husband is a senior artist for the company and wonders if you might consider having "Endorsed by Looky Daddy" printed on Guitar Hero III?

My husband was also impressed with your mixture of porn and Jack Daniels before 11:30, but that's another story.

You realize that two childless hours just increases house-cleaning expections, right?

I'll bet the frog drinks like a fish. Also, you call that porn?!

Hilarious -- and only a little inappropriate! Thanks for sharing anyway!

Oh Man that was awesome!! You're just too funny!

(Wipes tear from eye)

That. Was. Beautiful.

Dear god that was hilarious! Your sense of newfound freedom must be incredible.

Can't wait for your new posts with your new freedom.

And yes I too have a messy van but cannot compete with the DEPTH of toys in your vehicle.

For the record, I only cried the first couple days of preschool. And i only have one kid (unfortunately) and he was crying too...so I blame in all on that!

Today, in The Dad's honor, after the bus picked my baby up, i went to the bar and did shots.


wow. I have to say I was relieved to see that The Mom and Kathryn helped with the cameras. I was picturing you carefully positioning the camera on the tripod and then sitting down for poker, and that was a bit... sad.

Congrats on your re-found freedom. Preschool kick butt.

Cool, Amber! Today, also in The Dad's honor, I will drink a martini at his house and cry into it because my twins are not yet in preschool. Only a few months to go....

Oh, and by the way, Dad: Please warn us the next time we'll have to see you shirtless in front of online "porn". My eyes! My eyes!

Oh, good Lord ... please stop the tears of laughter here! Very funny. I loved how it was only 11:30 a.m. and so much had been accomplished. Enjoy the extra time, The Dad.

Great camera work, too!

I'm jealous. I suppose I've only got to wait 364 more days till I can try out this freedom too.

Oh! You know Jack too! He and I have had many an afternoon after the kids got old enough to be gone ALL. DAY. LONG.

Is 3 o'clock too early for arsenic hour to begin? Methinks not...

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