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September 04, 2007


Every year as my kids get older the beach gets better and better - my 7 year old was in love with the big waves too, though with the wisdom that comes from the passing of time (2 days later) he declared he was never coming back because the water was too rough. But I am sure that the promise of a little Beach Plum ice cream will draw him back next year...

I just want to point out that you have officially become a Jerseyite (Jerseyoid? Joiseyboid?). Everyone else in the world goes to the beach, but in New Jersey you go to the shore. Go figure.

Ack! Joy is RIGHT, the Dad. You are a bonafide Jersey Boy now!! Pretty soon, you'll be asking other Jerseyites, "Yee-ah? What exit?"

Of course, this will all be thrown right back at me from The Dad, as I now live in NJ too ... sigh. Exit 151.

What a wonderful story of your time at the beach. Thank you for writing it.

Ahhh. I can't quite believe it but you're post actually made me nostalgic for NJ. I grew up there - Exit 9. (Jonathan's Mum, when people refer to exits it's ALWAYS Turnpike exits, please.) For the last 17 years, I've been in MA - Exit 12. (That doesn't work AT ALL.) I miss the shore. The Cape is not that same at all. I'm glad you guys had a good time.


LOL John! In that case, I have NO idea what exit I live off of!! I really need to get a map.

Sounds like a great day

"The Mom took us all to the shore. And by that I mean she sat down that morning at my computer . . ."

I was just reading your FAQ, and since you put that line in about Google searches of "hot kinky twin fantasy", your site comes up as #1 for that search on Google!

Yes, I'm now a New Jerseyite. Hell, two of my daughters were born here, so I'd better get used to it. It's not like I can continue to pin all my hopes on the one that was born in Austin, especially considering how close she came to drowning on Friday.

And The Godfather, seriously, you do not want to know what other Google searches lead people here, particularly when it's your little cutie up there on the masthead.

Congratulations on a day out of the house and on the "shore." And congratulations on having a pleasant story to share. I hope you get more time with The Mom included this month.

And what was The Godfather doing Googling "hot kinky twin fantasy," mmmmm?

Actually, after a horrified shudder at the thought of some sweaty, horny guy even gazing upon a photo of my daughter (Miss August 17), I'm rather amused by the thought of his response once he sees what's actually here. Who knows, maybe a porn-addicted soul or two will be led gently to more wholesome pleasures* by a well-timed stumble onto this blog.

*E.g., admiring cute babies, snarking at one's spouse, and bitching about parenthood

You're practically a Jersey native now -- you used "shore" rather than "beach." But a true native says "down the shore." Not "beach;" not "down TO the shore." Oh, no, never. And also, we don't go into the "sea." It's da ocean. I was born in Newark, grew up in Ocean County. I know this stuff. Sure glad you had a great day with the family. - P

Please tell The Mom that I feel her pain. I'm also work long hours and am married to a SAHD. My kids have been known to ask me (on the phone, while I'm chained to my desk), "Are you going to come live with us?" When I am at home, my 4 year old exclaims "Mommy, you're here!" every time I walk in the room. And when I'm around for more than a few hours, she sometimes asks me "Mommy, you on vacation?". (My husband can barely contain his snickers that my going to the office every day *is* a vacation.)

So very glad you all had a bit of respite, though of course in the process of conveying it, you disproved your claim that " I'm not adept at writing about actual good times with my kids."

Love the image of Kathryn bobbing up and down and smacked around, talking through it all the while.

Am unnerved, though, by the *Goodbye, Mr. Lawrence* image in the sand there. There's trust for you.

Sounds like you had a perfect day. Kids + sand + water = less painful wounds to the knife in the heart. I hope The Mom also had a lovely time.

We were also very lucky that we spent a lot of time near the beach this summer, it was heavenly. I absolutely love the photo. Thank you for once again making me laugh, I really needed it.

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