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September 10, 2007


Oh Man! You guys have had a rough week. Sending no-puke vibes your way.

When the doctor asks why a youngish single man would be in his/her office demanding a vasectomy, yours will be the URL on the slip of paper that I silently hand over.

Poor Lila. Poor you. Poor toilet (bucket, floor, aisle 6). It's a good excuse for her to have lots of popsicles.
My 4 yr old threw up for the 1st time just a few months ago. I'm peacefully sleeping when, at 1am, she gets in my bed, drenched in her own vomit & before I can toss it onto the floor, she leans over me & proceeds to do more of it all over me.
I hope Lila gets well & no one else gets that bug. And the rule is 24 hrs of no-vomit but what the school doesn't know, won't hurt them.

wow. i just referred to my child as an "it". I guess she didn't appear human to me in the middle of that mess.

24 hours...there is hope!

Gold Five: Stay on target.
Gold Leader: *We're too close!*
Gold Five: Stay on target!
Gold Leader: [shouts] Loosen up!

Gold Five: Gold Five to Red leader, I Lost Tiree, Lost Dutch. They came from...behind!

Cindy: I think all children should be called "it." Giving them names just makes us attached to them.

Oh man. Your first day of freedom hanging in the balance! As a pediatrician, I say send her tomorrow. (This coming from the doctor that sent his kid to school with raging pink eye on picture day!) If she hurls, just act like it hasn't been happening for the last 5 days. Unless you don't want her scarred for life with the reputation of "the puker." Don't we all remember the kid that spewed everywhere in school? What's more important - getting all the kids out of the house or branding your daughter for life? SEND HER and have a martini for me!

i don't have kids but I feel for you

Dude, I took my kid on a plane when the Pediatrician said she had "A-typical Chicken Pox" and needed to be quarantined. I refused to miss my fun-filled Disney vacation, contagions be damned. Did you hear about it on the news? No? That's because nothing bad happened.

Surely the world (aka Preschool) will survive a child who, perhaps, has a touch of food poisoning or is, maybe, experimenting with her inner-Bulimic. What they don't know can't keep you from enjoying your first hours of FREEDOM. All kids at school=your Disney vacation. Now go play with Mickey already.

You poor bastard!

Ick! Does she get sick often? Or is she making up for lost time?

Don't send her... there is sending-sick-child-to-school karma. It bites you back hard.

Both my boys had a lull (23 hours puke-free!) after 3 days of puking when they were 3 months old. I sent them to day care and they got sent back home ONE HOUR later. They continued to puke for 7 more days. Day 5 into this puke-fest, our city found e coli in the water system and the entire town was on a boil water notice. Then my husband got sick, puking in a bucket in our living room.

Do not anger the puke karma gods. Be warned.

Aw, poor girl. Poor you. I hope she feels better today and can get to school tomorrow!

For those of you keeping score at home, I was the one holding Lila when she let loose at the store.

Terrible! Good luck.

You have GOT to change the masthead. I'm not particularly claustraphobic, but my chest and throat tighten up every time I see it. Argh!!!

(Love the blog)

Really, Leah? You can't look at Kathryn buried in sand? Not even for a moment? Because, seriously, it didn't even bother her for the first, oh, twenty minutes or so. And the tears didn't come for another ten. All in all, she probably made it a good hour and a half before she totally lost her mind.

This blog makes me want to wash my hands. Every five seconds.

And I thought you had my pity BEFORE. Sheesh. You are so freaking funny, though, if it's any small consolation.

What a week you have had. Amazing job dealing with it btw.

Has anyone else been vomiting???

I'm pretty sure that no child in the history of the world has been able to get out of the first day of school just because of a teensy, tiny little bit of vomit, catch my drift?

Burgh Baby's Mom: No, we just didn't hear about it on the news because the three dozen people whose kids got chicken pox the following week didn't know who to blame. Now you've outed yourself you are gonna get so much hate mail.

But hey, didn't people use to pile their healthy kids into bed with the infected ones to get it all over with (that's what he relates in The Great Brain anyway)? You did them a favor.

My sympathies, and my fingers are crossed that Lila makes it through the school day vomit-free.

PLEASE, PLEASE do not send a sick child to school, even if you're in danger of doing yourself in otherwise. Please?

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