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October 21, 2007


I know normal for you all is crazy for most of us, but I am glad you are back to it.

Continued prayers for you as you deal with a new normal.

Fantastic to hear that Kathryn is doing well and things are back to normal. Really fantastic to hear this should go away at puberty.

I can just imagine Kathryn's retaliation at you telling her dates she may throw up a little in their mouths if they kiss her or attempt to take her clothes off. I wouldn't try it. Kathryn it seems, takes after her parents. So think about that before you attempt to thwart a teenage boy. :)

So happy that you and The Mom are doing well also. Don't forget to take care of yourselves while you're taking the candy away from the twins. Maybe eat some of that candy yourselves?

Hysterical. I may tell Minion No.2 that while I think at 2 1/2 she has a talent for shaking her booty and a future ripe with pole dancing, she too might vomit just a little bit into a boys mouth when kissing.

Note to self.
Mom of Three

How have you guys done talking to Kathryn about the situation? I can imagine, in the case of my own kid, that any ability she demonstrated to marginally assimilate thigns and move on would really strengthen me,

I say use it as an anti-dating advice; there isn't much we parents have in our arsenal.

So glad she is home. Hoping this was an isolated event,and that she does well on her meds.

(I take a anti-seizure med for neuropathy. It still makes me sleepy, but over time, I've grown accustom to it. I don't know if that is good news for you or not. =])

so glad to hear that things are getting back to normal. that's wonderful.

Glad everything is okay. Good luck with the puberty thing, I'm sure you'll be equipped to handle it fine when it happens :)

I call these AFOG experiences: Another F'ing Opportunity for Growth. I like your ideas for handling the boyfriend...let's hope they work.

I agree with you, pppbbbbrt! to those people who say facing adversity builds character or strength...we all know that life is really crappy and it throws us lots of curves, but when it comes to our children's health and well-being...I say let me live in a house that is protected by rainbows and sunshine, I don't need adversity or ill children to help me become a better person. Definitely use the throw up line to prospective boyfriends...I see absolutely nothing wrong with that tactic. So glad you got a good night's sleep.

Rooting for you, and double-thumbs-down on the ol' "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" crapola. Goddamn Nietzsche.

You have NO IDEA how fast I'd actually use that information in my favor, just as you suggest. Totally. I'd do it.

From everything that I've read, I know Kathryn is a very strong young lady. She's going to bounce back from this very quickly. It will probably be a while before you and The Mom bounce back from the trauma of the experience. I still cringe and well up with tears when I think of the ER experiences that my son put me through last year. I am so glad things are going much better. I will continue to pray for your family.

I would never wish a chronic condition on anyone because "it will be good experience." It may have aspects of goodness to it, but overall I'd trade emotional immaturity for no disease thankyouverymuch.

But. I do find myself saying, when I meet another diabetic "Awesome. Let us now perform the secret handshake and decode messages with our decoder rings."

Which I suppose is a way of saying, if you have to have a sucky chronic condition in your life, its suckiness will be mitigated by finding great fellowship and solidarity with others. And opportunities to make inappropriate T-shirts that read things like "real diabetics lick their fingers."

I also will be forever grateful to MY The Mom and The Dad for supporting me, and making sure that my rights were protected, my opportunities weren't curtailed, by judgement trusted and my confidence affirmed. That has made all the difference in the world.

25 years and counting, man. I'm glad to hear adolescance will clear Kathryn...

Wow, I SO needed to hear about the zero test today. Am having a craptacular time of my own on about 6 different fronts, and feel constantly like I am fighting just to keep above water--and somehow, against all logic, knowing there IS such a thing as a zero test made it all make sense and seem a little more transitory, a little less huge, slightly more manageable, as if I can just wait it all out knowing that there will be other assignments, and that if I manage to screw all this up horrifically, I should be able to make up the points somewhere else down the road. How comforting is that??

Kathryn's rockin' da house, dog. Fear not, she'll throw up in boys' mouths just to show them that she can--I have little doubt that she'll be the one in charge and know just where her power lies... You can always take my husband's lead and answer the door with a baseball bat. And have a friend in a ski mask peeking through the windows of the kid's car, making sure the kid knows said friend will follow him, closely, all evening long. We have great fun with our neighbors planning out these scenarios.

Glad you two were able to let go and lose it. I hope that your potty break freakouts ease with time.

In case Boyfriend Repellent Plan A doesn't work out: I recently met a guy who kept track of his daughters' menstrual cycles on his calendar, and grounded them whenever they were ovulating.

Just a thought.

zero test--what a great metaphor (and hard-ass teaching strategy...nice!). Glad to hear this update...and a wicked chuckle at your plans :)


Please tell me yhou made that up!

Kept track of their cycles and grounded his daughters when they were ovulating. That's just creepy.

I am glad she is home safe.


I wish I could say that I made it up, but he was for real, and pretty proud of himself. He also claimed to keep half-pound bars of dark chocolate stashed around the house for PMS freakouts.

hee hee hee. Throw up in his mouth a little...hee hee. That really gave me a chuckle.

It works, though. I had a room mate in college who became sick after a party, all over her would be date rapist. He left her in disgust, she was covered in vomit but otherwise unharmed.

I had a friend who told her older kids that combining marijuana with the medication they were on would surely kill them. Without question - one puff - dead. Stupid doctor ruined it and told them the truth. I love a perfectly used lie.

I am very glad your daughter is better and especially that it is something she will outgrow. Temporary adversity is the next best thing to no adversity.

Laura, I am so with you. All the half pound bars of chocolate in the world would not stop me utterly, utterly resenting a person who felt it was okay to ground me b/c I was ovulating.

Maybe he could just, you know, invest in chastity belts. Or possibly towers. Or a portcullis.


Adversity, schmersity! I'm with you on the pppbbbbrt! In all seriousness, I am so glad to hear that Kathryn is doing better and I hope you and The Mom will be able to breathe easier (as best as you can) with each coming night. Good luck! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your gang.

So someone just told me that Mercury is in retrograde. What does this mean you ask? Well I didn't know either so I looked it up. It means that the planets are not aligned. Here's a couple of links



This occurs from October 12 - Nov. 1st for this year. Bad things are said to happen when Mercury is in retrograde.

So this is my reason for everything these days.

Why did this happen to Kathryn? Because on Oct. 13th Mercury was in retrograde.

zero test is an interesting concept. a little mean, i think, but interesting.

using the condition as an anti-dating coercion? hilarious.

some people don't understand black humor like that...but it's one of the things that helped us cope. it (black humor) runs in my family, and they're all sick as can be.

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