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October 21, 2007


"ick" on the vomit mouth! the doctors should have told you that the only "lasting damage" will be from her father tormenting her boyfriends :)

zero-test, that guy was a GENIUS. that is a metaphor for my life: wow, the house is clean! Oh, what's that honey? The kids found a Sharpie and drew all over the couch? and lipstick on the carpet? Not a problem at all. Now where did I put that cyanide...

Have you ever seen "Nice Girls Don't Explode?"

Delurking to say glad everyone's home and back to "normal."

I think I know which teacher that was. Did he wear a white belt occasionally? Awesome analogy!

Anyway, be patient with your return to your new version of normal. And trust that the anxiety will lessen with time. I know it's cliche, but I'm sure you've heard the "Holland" poem? You, my friend have taken a side trip to Holland on your way to Italy. Take time to smell the tulips.

By the way, the vomit thing is disgusting but brilliant. I see you are back to your hilarious self. Things must be looking up!

Why, yes, mom24x7, he did wear a white belt on occasion. It figures that I would remember him playing the Stones and you would remember his questionable fashion choices.

I can't imagine how stressful the whole experience has been for your whole family, but I'm glad to hear that Kathryn is doing well and things are stabilizing (or, you know, stabilizing as much as they can in a house of three kids!).

Those last couple lines cracked up me. At least if you use that, you won't have to bring out the gun - and Kathryn won't have worry about you shooting her when she gets into high school. ;)

I'm a lurker who hasn't checked in lately. I can't imagine the fear you've been through in the past several days. I'm scared just thinking how I might flip out if I found my child as you did that morning.

And I totally think it is okay to tell her boyfriends that in the future - pay back for her scaring you like that!

Thinking good thoughts for you all. Take care.

Something about this post made multiple Michelle's delurk . . . I find that interesting, in a "I'm very easily amused" sort of way.

The line in this post about hoping for early puberty made this Michelle cringe with actual, physical pain. Puberty=boobs. Boobs may be your friend right now, The Dad, but they will not be your friend when your daughter(s) have them. Fear puberty. Fear boobs.

So glad all is going as well as can be expected :-)

Oh, so happy to hear all is well! I almost spit out my wine when I read the comment for the boyfriend!

I haven't visited in awhile.. been busy. What a shock to come back to such news.. I'm glad that it's one of those "if you have to have this, it's the kind you want" sort of situations.. It sounds like you're all being great sports and that Kathryn is doing well! I have to admit I nearly fell over in my seat when I first read that seizure part.. You almost described it too well...what a scary day that must have been..

Glad everything has turned out okay. I know this had to have been more terrifying then anyone can imagine w/o experiencing it themselves. Our kids mean so much to us - to see them hurting and as The Dad pointed out, she's so small. But, knowing her parents as I do, she will be fine.

I think the idea of telling her future boyfriends that kissing etc. may induce an episode is brilliant. I wonder if I can tell that to any future boyfriends of my nieces. ; )

hugs to you.

Wow -- I completely missed this entire chapter this week. I'm so glad that Kathryn is fine and you're all fine...but holy shit, how scary. Can't even imagine. Take care of yourselves.

I'm so glad to hear that Kathryn's condition won't cause damage and likely goes away when she reaches puberty. If she has to have epilepsy, as you said in a previous post, this is the kind to have, it seems.

I totally understand what you're saying about the zero test. With a less serious example, it's like getting a new roof. You go through a lot of trouble and expense and your yard gets all messed up and your tires get holes in them from the million nails they left around the driveway, and in the end the result is the same as before: a roof that doesn't leak.

I hope Kathryn's roof won't ever leak!

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