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October 17, 2007


Thanks so much for the update, I've been checking into the site frequently!

The 5 year old daughter of my very close friend went on meds for seizures last year at this time & it has taken the whole year to get the type of med/dosage just right. Don't hesitate to be vocal with Kathryn's docs about trying something new if you're not pleased with side effects....am I actually telling LD to be vocal? Something tells me you won't have a problem with that.

Thanks for the update, we'll be thinking of you guys.

Thanks for the update. So glad to hear she's doing okay. Good luck with the m&m/little mermaid issue and with the potential suitor...

Love the pic... She looks like Quick Curl Barbie, and proud of it too! :-)

Ahhh...The healing power of Webkinz. Glad to hear the family's all home.

welcome home ... hang in there.

So glad to hear that she is home now. Thank goodness kids are so resilient. Sometimes I think we as parents suffer more than they do during these times. I am sure the twins are glad to have her back!

That was a very welcome update. Camilo breaks my heart.

I am so glad that she is home. I've been thinking of all of you...

I love Camilo.

I too am glad to hear an update. And what a delightful return of Camilo!

So glad you're home. And good luck on things as you move forward. We're all thinking about you!

Big hugs to you and your ladies... especially Miss K, such a trooper. :)

I, too, have been checking in several times a day to find out what's up, and am so glad/relieved to hear good news from your house. (Isn't the increase in the Webkinz population considered good news?) Isn't it amazing how kids mourn the little things (loft beds), while we mourn our own innocence over what might have been (gut-wrenching scenarios in our minds)? I'm so glad they so often stay innocent about that stuff for so long. I'm praying that Kathryn's world is full of Webkinz and cards with her Daddy and all the things she loves, with no more wires, hospital beds, etc. for as long as she lives. (Or until she's a mom.)

Just sending you all so much love.

So much.

God Bless. You are in my prayers.

Welcome home Kathryn, Mom and Dad!
I've been praying for you and checking in a gazillion times - isn't it great to be loved!?!

I'm guessing that you're still in a somewhat scary place. For all of us who love to read about your family exploits and laugh, we are right here with you as concerned parents! I'm praying that all will settle down and not be a huge medical issue for Kathryn (or you). And, I'm praying that your whole family will be surrounded by peace, encouragement and love.

Much love, prayers and blessings, Lynne B.

Glad you guys are home. Glad you are surrounded by such good friends.

continued prayers...

Yay, welcome home. Tough transition, hospital-to-home. You don't want to be in the institutional setting of the hospital, but when you come home, you realize what everyone was doing back there at the hospital. I send you all love, every day.

Welcome home!

I was thinking about you guys and how you're going to deal with this "new phase." I'm sure you'll do just fine, seeing as how Kathryn keeps her cool even with 24 electrodes glued to her head.

Sending you very much love.

Lucky indeed... Big hugs to all.

Continued prayers for Kathryn and all of you.

Maybe take her mattress out of the frame and lay that on the floor? No need for a boxspring, just lay the mattress right on the carpet. A little more comfy than a sleeping bag (although I can see how that would have some initial charm).

Please keep us updated on her progress. I'm sure we all feel like surrogate aunties by now.

Sending much love. Camilo is so sweet. We need more updates on him when things calm down. Good luck with the new med regimine. It will work out. The new phase in which Kathryn is epilieptic won't be as bad as it may seem. You guys will get through it. Kathryn is such a trooper. And she gets that from her parents. You will all be okay.

So happy to see this update and hear that things are evening out, at least a little.

Camilo sounds absolutely adorable.

Sending my best wishes to you and your family...

God bless Camilo! I'm so glad that she's home, but more importantly that she's back.

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