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October 24, 2007


Wow, you bought a house! Congratulations!

I hate renting, after 12mths I always want a new house. Ugh.

Yay!!! Congratulations on The New Home of Your Own!

Can I lobby to make that the shortnened nickname for the new place? NHOYO? or HOYO?

Congrats! Hope it all goes smoothly for you.

Wow, congratulations! We said good-bye to our crappy rental house a few months back and are so so so so happy to be in our own home. It's worth the hell of moving, I swear it.

Congratulations! Good luck on your big move!

Congrats! We moved the month the twins turned 2. They adjusted with no problems and the toys quickly took over the basement family room. And lucky for you there will be no more nightmares of the unstable young man hacking his mothers head off!

enjoy moving - one of the pure evils in life ;)

hee hee hee hee

congrats, though!

Oh, congratulations! I didn't know about your rental's history. Freaky but oddly interesting.

Yay! Now YOU get to fix the leaking and other crap that goes wrong. But it's totally worth it.


Someone got hacked up in your house? Totally cool! I would definitely tell that story to the kids on Halloween and scare the living crap outta them.

Of course, you'll be dealing with the screaming and therapy bills so notice why I didn't suggest it for my own kid.

Congrats on the move.

And I was so looking forward to reading the results of your subterranean agriculture project. Congrats on the new house. Just remember that kids are like a gas, they expand to fill their container.

Do you think it will be dangerous now that I'll be able to walk to your house for martini playdates? Hmmm...

Oh, my! Just when I thought I was dealing well with my addiction to reading about your kids, NOW I'll be jonesing for an update on the move... Good thing I come in to work early to catch up on my blog reading... Have fun!!!

A couple of years ago, just before drifting to sleep on the living room sofa-bed in said rental house, The Dad told me a bedtime story. It began, "Mom, do you feel safe here?'

Congrats, that's very exciting!

We moved a little over a year ago, I'm still recovering...can't wait to hear all about it!

Brian, congratulations! Rental house was so lucky to have your family as tenants. Hope the new house has good karma.

Congratulations! It's taken me 18 months to get over my night-sweats and panic attacks about being a homeowner, but it's all worth it now. Especially since we bought at the peak of the market AND interest rates! Yeehah!

Your timing is much better, but for the whole family stress going on.


Congratulations! Also, aaaaaaaiieeeeeee about your house's history! One of my old roommates grew up in an old house in Maine where the elderly couple had locked their unstable son in a room for years. It had long gouges in the wood from where he'd scrabbled to get out.

Woo hoo!

oh, what a spooky little number you're living in. congrats on the new digs!!

Congratulations! Those New Jersey roots are just getting deeper and deeper. Congrats on the house, sorry it's in NJ.

Congrats on the "Joys of Home Ownership"

Now your girls will have a place for all those toys stuffed in the van.

Congrats on the new house!

Okay, Gmama's comment made me snort tea through my nose. No fair!

To the Dad, don't know if you've done a local move before (besides the dorm room to dorm room version in college). If so, I think you will agree that the local move sucks SO much less than the long-distance move. Assuming you stagger the closing and your lease termination, you don't have to do it *all* in one day. For instance, cleaning products can go first, as can the expensive breakables like wedding china, any stuff left after the great basement flood, and off season clothing/crud. Congratulations and good luck!!

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