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October 09, 2007


I have to say, you are one of the few people that can put voice to my thoughts when it comes to dealing with children - and I only have one!! You are absolutely hysterical!!!

Such a powerful image with an equal powerful story (of which I've never heard before). The added personal touch at the end definitely puts into perspective, yet brings humor into the situation that is necessary. Thanks for the article!

I'd eat my kid...except he's pretty gamey.

Mmmm, children! Taste like chicken!

is it just me, or is Justin's above comment strange? A mix of both my responses to my freshman comp students and the forced peer review reports they give each other, artificially cheery and tangential to the actual material at hand, occasionally topped off with a misrepresentation of the genre in question ...

I don't mean to pick, though. I found this entry hysterical and deeply human, on the whole.

It could be the story behind my blog title, and I didn't even know about it! Well, ok, I probably was supposed to know about it, I probably even had a test about it way back when, in Catholic school - but I guess I just read the cliff notes.

Glad camping was better than a circle of hell.

I took the story of Ugolino a little more serious (in an unrealistic empathetic sort of way) which effected my comment above. Without splitting my comment into paragraphs, I just made a couple of simple statements. Sorry to hit a work trigger button, but get over it rachel.

Whoa, there, everybody. And by everybody, I mean Justin & Rachel. All comments should be about me. Me and how wonderful I am. And funny. Wonderful and funny. And a good lover. The only argument anyone should have in the comment section is over who gets to bed me first.

I didn't think I was arguing, I just thought I was snarking. It's really hard to snark well. You do it so well, The Dad - I want to bed you.

I'm sure this says a lot about me, but my first thought when I saw the first picture was, "My! What big hands he has."

And, wait a minute. I just read the Dad's previous comment. Excuse me, but the pummeling must begin.

Oooh, the pummeling!

Big hands I know your the one!

ha! pummeling! can I pummel, too, since my husband was the one that was snarked-upon for being nice and giving a sincere compliment? :D

oh, by the way, y'all, now that it's nearly midnight on the east-coast, um, today was the breast fest to fight the evil boob-hating Facebook (not to take away from your penis-stories, Dad).

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now I KNOW The Dad is delusional. "Good lover"? When do you have time to do that? (I don't want actual details, just a theory of time management.) As a fellow parent of multiples, I thought post-child happy-time was a myth as cold as a Greek statue.

If The Dad is just full of shit, now would be the time for The Mom to speak up.

I demand answers. I demand the truth. I demand a sex life with a pulse.

Hi, there!
My ancestor Ugolino was very old when he died in the “torre della fame” in Pisa. Exceptionally old, for that time. No way he could have eaten his 40 year old sons and 20 year old nephews! That was a clearly wrong interpretation of Dante’s words… “più che il dolor, potè il digiuno” (not “my hunger prevailed on my pain”… and I eat them! But “more than of pain, of hunger”… I died!)
He was a very bright and brave man. We know well where they are all buried, as we know for 99% of our male ancestors starting year 1,050. We have a copy of the Met's statue, at our country "house", where our family lives since 1.000 years...
Thanks God, not all his descendants were caught and exterminated!
Best regards,

Arrigo: You are certainly correct that there is deliberate ambiguity in Dante's words, leaving interpretation to the reader. In this case, and no disrespect intended, I chose the more horrible sounding version. Read more of the site and you'll understand why.

Wow. I need a little miniature copy of this statue to keep on my mantle. Before I even read the story, I felt a connection with this poor man. I saw it on Tuesday afternoon at the end of a VERY LONG 5-day weekend with my wife and four kids. I can't even claim we were trapped on a camping trip (and I will never be able to come to grips with why anyone would voluntarily do that especially with children). I had just extracted myself from a similar scenario (albeit with the participants in MUCH more clothing) to spend a minute online and what do I find but this kindred spirit looking back at me. I don't really think I'm trapped in the ninth circle of hell. It's probably more like the second circle with these four little demons punishing us forever for ours sins of lust.

Is anyone else chuckling at Finn's Violent Femmes reference? My twin-mommy brain was stumped by the Dante discussion, but I've still got it when it comes to pop culture! Phew.

I know exactly how that guy feels.

Whew! I thought we were going to get all serious and argumentative here, but now that we're back to saying how wonderful and funny The Dad is, Comments are so much better.

(Did I mention wonderful and funny?)

I always knew The Dad had a huge ego, but Holy Crap, he doesn't even pretend to hide it, does he? The main purpose of this blog is so we morons can fill his bottomless pit. I'm not falling for it, although it's brilliant. (Oops, was that a compliment? Didn't mean it to be) Is that what all blogs are for? Just huge strokes for folks? Hmmm...I have some serious esteem issues myself... I wonder if tellmehowawesomeiam.com is taken.

o.k., o.k. As soon as I hit the post button I started to feel like crap for that one. That was my mother talking there, not me. Yes, The Dad, I have a confession to make: I check your blog every damn day and get pretty pissed when you don't post, and yes, I've told all my friends about it, and yes, they've told 2 friends, and so on and so on.... so there you have it - wonderful and funny. That's the best I can do. Maybe my blog should be cynicalmomwhoneedsmoretherapy.com?

I keep thinking "maybe THIS year I will take the kids camping" and then I say to myself "um. maybe NEXT year".

I'm all ready to be serious and argumentative. I'm so much better at that than at telling The Dad how wonderful and witty he is. I mean, come on, Arrigo: Ugolina may have been 91 and couldn't have eaten his kids, but he did sell out his city-state. Brilliant but naughty, and with big hands--my kind of guy. But if I get all serious and argumentative on his blog, then The Dad will start to pummel me and then that could lead to . . . hmmm, maybe I will be argumentative.
Jennifer, my girlfriend, she's at the end, she's starting to cry.

The Mom - Now you'll have me smiling all day.
We all just need to remember that no one, no one, no one ever is to blame (That's for you Jennifer - have a martini for me :)

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