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October 05, 2007


Well I shall only say good luck then :)

So much good luck headed your way. But not so much that it takes away from the good luck we need since my husband decided we too will try again--for 6 days.

We woke up to two inches of snow this morning. I hope it's warmer on your side of the continent.

That's funny because I was just talking to my husband about how maybe we should try more new stuff with the kids (like camping), because this hot blogger makes it sound like so much FUN!!! Because I, too, am a moron. Just not a brave one.

You are a good man to take that on so I can laugh at you. I've tried it a few times (five kids! Two of them under 5 yrs) and it's always nothing short of miserable--for the grownups, that is. Read: those who do the work.

My parents took us camping quite regularly, all 7 of us. I never realize what a buttload of work it was for them, just like my kids don't realize it now. But they kept doing it. Could they have enjoyed it, or were they just better parents than I'll ever be?

Well, have a lovely...

You're a braver parent than I.

Perhaps it is your "friends" that should be on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Snickers. Dude, you've got a pair to be trying that again. Best of luck to ya'.

Good luck! : )

Sadly, I must be the only one in this blog relationship that REMEMBERS the last time you ventured into the wilderness. I'm hoping when you are relatively safe at home you can just repress the pain again. Good luck!

This line made me ROFL:

"October only comes every twenty years or so, you know, like it does for the Mets."

As someone who grew up in the shadow of Shea Stadium, that statement really illustrates the combination of poignancy, humor and persistance one needs to be a Mets fan.

Oh, and about the camping thing: ARE YOU NUTS? Oh wait, I know the answer to that question.

Our idea of camping is...well, we just don't. Can't wait for the story...

Ah no, loren, you are not the only one who remembers the last camping trip. In fact, I remember it as that experience that took 3 martinis for The Dad to stop crying about. He's not a moron, he's just INSANE!

Practice makes... er... better?

You know, it's because of people like you that schadenfreude is in the dictionary. I appreciate your effort.

At least you couldn't have had any better weather! (Assuming you were somewhere in the Northeast near New Jersey). Looking forward to the stories when you return!

Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst sinners, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death. Amen.

Ooops. I meant to add this after the "Hail Mary"--

Repeat until camping trip is over.

Isn't St. Christopher the patron saint of lost causes?

Good luck, sir. You are a braver parent than I.

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