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October 14, 2007


No amount of reassuring stories are going to make you feel better.

I am praying for your daughter. Praying with all my might.


praying for your family. i could not believe what i was reading.


how terrifying! prayers for speedy and full recovery are on their way from northern VA.
Colleen, Justin, & the Boys

Sending good vibes and love your way. She will be okay. She will be better than fine. She will be the same Kathryn she's always been.

Good God. Please keep us posted. Sending all prayers and good thoughts to you from Montana.

Delurking to send you good thoughts and prayers. As someone who went through a lot medically as a kid, I can tell you that having Mommy and Daddy and a stuffed animal there always made me feel much better.

sending good thoughts your way...

My thoughts are with you. Strength and health to you and yours.

Delurking: (Found you through Finslippy many moons ago.)

Sending many many good thoughts your way from the Left Coast.

I will keep all my bendy parts crossed for a speedy recovery for Kathryn.

Oh my god, I am so sorry. You and Kathryn and the rest of the family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh my God, I'm so sorry.

I'm thinking of you...

Delurking to send many hugs, many prayers, and much love to the moon and back.

Oh, my heart is in my throat for you guys. You are in my prayers.

I am so sorry! My thoughts are with you and your family.

Get well soon Kathryn... And hey Daddy, try to get some rest. Thoughts are with you.

(My 17 yr. old was hospitalized with a spontaneously ruptured lung back in the spring and I'm sure you can understand that even at 6 ft. tall he too seemed so small.)

I'll hold you all in my heart for the next couple days. If I was close enough, I would so be over there with homemade cookies, but, alas, this is one of the drawbacks of the internet.

Hope she gets better soon!

This made me bawl, and I read it after the latest entry. This is up there in those top ten Parent Nightmares. I had a baby whose lungs didn't work when he was born - full term, not premie, but his lungs just weren't ready. He was the biggest, and sickest, baby in the NICU. He's now a tiny little 6 year old boy who you would NEVER know ever had any lung problems.

Praying that you all end up with results like mine in the end.

I was just telling my husband that labor was nothing compared to having a sick kid. Having a sick kid that needs to go to the hospital? Even worse. Sending good thoughts your way...

I'm so very sorry to hear this! I hope all is well. I'll be thinking of you all.

This is the kind of thing that freezes a parent's/person's blood in their veins just to hear about. I swear when I'm scared, so I swear henceforth, with feeling: Jeez f****** Louise!
Thinking of you during these scary times. Hope it all works out. Sending fervent healing wishes...

My partner had his first seizures this year and has since been diagnosed as epileptic. The seizures themselves were very disturbing and more than once I thought, thank god this is him and not our little toddler, because if I think I am terrified now it would be a whole other world if it was our child.

I've read ahead so I know that basically you're through the woods now. Having been through the diagnosis stage recently can I just say that I know you guys have been staring into an abyss with the possibilities that this seizure could have indicated and I breathe a huge sigh of relief to read your child's actual diagnosis. Adjusting to the medication isn't going to be an easy road but you've been through the worst of it just getting to this point.

Thinking of you.

Love love love love love to you all.

Also, like blue milk I read today's first and then this. Hope indeed the kind of epilepsy you ordered (since you had to?) does indeed go with the drapes.

I have not a ghost of an idea of your fright en route to the hospital, though I do know too well (my nephew) how small a child is in a hospital bed. How wrong a sight. Love love love to you all; to her, to Sharon, to you, to her little sisters.

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