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October 13, 2007


I should have known you would start with an Austin band. OK, following the subtext of "disease" you started, next should be Ben Lee's "Catch My Disease."


In Lila's defense, I curse every time I poop behind the couch, as well. It just seems appropriate.

A nipple ring? Really? In your nipple? Was it a dare?

Music = Gomez. Revolutionary Kind. They're a British band that, I swear, for years I thought consisted solely of Latinos. They're that talented. I'll send you the mp3.

My newest love is "I Hate Everyone" by Get Set Go. It's this shiny-happy little tune with beautiful harmonizations about having a really shit day and hating the world. There are days when I just need that song, because it is so awesome.

Falling On by Finger Eleven... cause I love it. LOVE IT AND WANT TO MARRY IT!!

Blue October.......Hate me

Something from Tim Blane's second album, "Clockwork." Perhaps the second track, "Tennessee."

I'm throwing in Jens Lekman's "A Sweet Summer's Night On Hammer Hill":
- listen
- watch

On a bit of a Linkin Park craze at the moment.

"The Little Things Give You Away"

Sooooooooooooooooo much better then Elmo.

So . much . better.

"Where'd You Hide the Body" or anything else by James McMurtry.

Almost anything by Jonathan Coulton, but I'll throw out Skullcrusher Mountain, about the evil genius's crush on the beautiful young thing his assistant Scarface brought him, and his not understanding why she doesn't like him.

No mix tape is complete without a dirty 80's song: Dixie Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen

Aaand.. Breaking Benjamin - Had Enough

Gogol Bordello. Mebbe "Start Wearing Purple"?

I bet you thought I'd say "Hate Paper Doll'!

I've always thought you were kidding about the nipple ring. Kidding and trying to gross me out. Please tell me you are kidding.

As an homage to our one-and-only 3-Martini Night Out, I propose Cat Power's "Nude As the News" for the mixtape. Reminds me of my life pre-twins when I was all dark and depressed and full of angst and... oh wait, I'm still like that. I just have to listen to Music for Aardvarks now. Grrr.

Heres's one of my fav mixes, which I so lovingly titled "GOOD SHIT:"
stevie wonder - superstition
the staple singers - i'll take you there
tom petty - free falling
sarah mclachlan - sweet surrender
blue october - breakfast after ten
gnarls barkly - crazy
guns n' roses - you're crazzy
the rolling stones - little baby
mungo jerry - in the summertime
stine j. - you are my sunshine (this is a rock mix)
beck - scarecrow
bloc party - this modern love
miss elliott - we run this
red hot chili peppers - suck my kiss
kanye west - diamonds are forever
butch walker - hot girls in good moods
wolfmother - woman
levi weaver - good medicine
black crows - hard to handle

wa la!

How about an awesome reggae classic: "Police and Thieves," by Junior Murvin, later covered most excellently by The Clash. Either version!

OR - "Kung Fu" by The Dirtbombs (or "Chains of Love")

OR - Alan Braxe's remix of "Black History Month" by Death From Above 1979 (it's on the remix album called Romance Bloody Romance)

Still Dirrty by Xtina. What could be more appropriate?

Loved On Look, by The Sadies. amazing song.

Were we separated at birth? I was a little crazy with the mix tapes, too. The key difference between us may be that I escaped NJ and you are doomed there for eternity. I can't really decide which my suggestion would be. I can't ever hear enough Ben Folds or Jeff Buckley. My favorite from the former would be "Trusted" and by the latter would be "Last Goodbye." I think "Trusted" might get the nod just for being so damn clever.

Now off to put my earring in, listen to some Love and Rockets and the Smiths, and be morose for the rest of the day.

I'm very lucky, my daughter falls asleep to Pink Floyd and dances to rock and roll. She hates the kids music (so far).

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Twilight Zone by Golden Earring.

Is it bad form to post several suggestions? I can't help myself.
I thought of a few more:

"Better on Holiday" by Franz Ferdinand
"More Brother Rides" by Palace (Viva Las Blues)
"Army of Me" by Bjork

I remember a slightly disturbed friend in high school who put together a lot of mix tapes. He was a little pompous, too, about educating me about the music of the 60's...hmmm... how about a tribute to The Dad with a song from one of his first mix tapes: "Obladi Oblada" by the Beatles. And why do I still have these tapes? They're pretty damn good and I may use them with my kids.

To be honest, The Dad, I'm surprised you haven't exposed your girls to a whole variety of genres by now. My kids have jammed out to New Order and the B 52's already. (Can you tell I'm stuck in the 80s?)

Could it even BE a mix tape without "Come on Eileen?"

"Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry gets a lot play on my ipod since I also like to sing and curse at the same time, it's so liberating! For a little more upbeat vibe I like "Kiss You Off" and "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by Scissor Sisters. I have to listen to my ipod in the car while my twin girls watch the dvd system or I find myself yearning to drive the car into a ditch, anything to get the Disney fanfare out of my head.

This post made me think of the song Rock and Roll by the Velvet Underground. (Only weirdos with nipple rings listen to the Velvet Underground. And me.) Ian Dury's Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll might be appropriate as well.

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