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November 22, 2007


I can't quite tell what the teachers are teaching, but at first glance it doesn't look suitable for children.

(I get to be the first commenter here because everyone else is in a turkey coma.)

You know, I had the same thought as hazelblackberry did. "They're teaching them WHAT? Oh. The N. Concentrate on the N. Right."

At first glance, I was shocked. She already knows profanities?! (I still can't figure out what that word means. I'm assuming adot = adult; shints = ?)

It looks like you won't have to worry about Kathryn suffering from self-esteem problems... She already knows she's wonderful. :)

Happy Thanksgiving from the Canadian who celebrated it a month ago!

I think that was supposed to be "about". But what are Shints? Shinto shrines?? And from all your posts, she is wonderfor, all three of them are. Remind yourself of that Thursday evening, when your patience has worn thin.
Happy Turkey Day!!

Have a wonderful day, a great dinner, enjoying all you have.
Petunia and all here.

I think I'm thankful that no teacher ever taught me about shints.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maybe she meant "shunts?" As in, after eating all that gravy, grandpa is going to need a shunt..?

That grol has very good printing skills.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from one who had hers a month ago.

I'm dying to know what are "adots shints", please the suspense is killing me, please provide Kathryn's response ASAP, or at least by the time the tryptophan has worn off.

I think that one is "teaching me about shivs."


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful grols!

BTW, I love your FAQs. Everyone asked us if we were going to "try for a boy".

I asked them if they were going to try for a brain.

Wonder no more. I asked and it is "about science." Or "adult science." I'm not really sure which. Perhaps I should sit down with Kathryn and make sure. There's a big difference between the two.

I have a 6 year old who phonetically spells too. I totally get it.

adot = about (the b is written backwards)

shints = science (read it like this "shi-nts" or "sssheye nts")

Kids are great and so is your blog!

I like the U-Haul box. How's the move going?

I am incredibly grateful to all the teachers who taught me adot shints.

And to you for sharing your life with us : )

I like to dow things too..!

I like to dow things too..!

I like to dow things too..!

She must be in first or second grade! :-) Classic. :-)

She sounds like she's picking up a southern twang - are you sure you're in Jersey? I didn't think Jersey was that diverse!

That has to be the cutest thing, like...ever. I can hardly wait for my twins to start writing things like this so I can be charmed and amused all at once.

That's lovely, but is the wonderfur grol helping you unpack boxes or what? Something tells me not. Kids these days...

I think Rebecca might be right about "adot shints" = "about science." OTOH, maybe it means "addition." Then again, it could mean almost anything.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope everything is well in your new digs and that you have some time to just put your feet up and enjoy.

Wait, you have twins, and just moved.

Wishing you a full night's sleep instead?

Best, most lovey dovey wishes on the day to you and your grols. And thanks to you (followed by Rebecca F) for the secret decoding! There I'm thinking it was about "shirts" that Kathryn's teacher was was teaching, and I'm thinking: what? What is there to teach about shirts?

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