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November 04, 2007


(Do Not) Kiss Me Goodnight

I kiss him on the cheek
"Take your kiss back!"
I steal it and give it to Timber Bear

The Wonderful World of Disney Princesses

Crappy role models
Girls without spine or substance
Very watchable

oo! oo! I've been waiting all year for this!

I'll be back with the haiku.

I kiss Jeffrey on the cheek
"Mom, take your kiss back!"
Timber Bear gets it instead

The Wheels On The Bus

The bus doors open
Joey is sleeping inside
The wheels turn too long

Toys in the hallway
Colliding with our footsteps
Curses in the air

Why God Gave Me Boys

Weekend with the girls
way too many loud screatches
next time bring earplugs!


My sweet baby girl
Innocence taken from her
Please Daddy don't go

(ugh, sorry, crappy life at the moment)

A separation
Is time for figuring out
life really does suck

A daughter can love
her mommy so much she wipes
the tears from her eyes

Wow. I better leave before I'm booted out. Parenthood is Happy. And Joyous.

A Toddler's Sense of Time

a ten minute nap
new toys forgotten in five
two-hour hand wash

Haiku is a delight

please do not eat that
cheddar cheese off of the floor
thirty seconds passed

i know that giggle
means terrible things are done
don't pee on the dog

shrieking and jumping
i've never seen poop so big
you just lost four pounds

you sing in your sleep
with your sweet soft lilting voice
the alphabet song

all you will eat is
peanut butter and jelly
don't wipe that on me

please sleep for a while
your mother has gone crazy
snip-snip while I sleep

I could do this all night. I'll stop now though.

Words I never thought I'd utter

Car keys buried where?
Do not handcuff your brother!
How'd this poop get here?

Hooray for Monday Haiku Trio

Been a long weekend
With your incessant whining
Yay! Work tomorrow

Daylight savings time
Ends, disrupting sleep patterns
Must repeal this law

Spelling quiz Monday
Study hard your sight words
No freak outs, OK?


Three kids in the bath
Sudden shrieks and loud screaming
A large turd floats by


Sarah reads her book
But the word "look" becomes "cool"
And bites her backwards

No children here yet
Niece and nephew are enough
Got to go home now

Halloween Sugar Withdrawal Blues

Is it dessert night?
Can I have a candy now?
You are not nice mom!

The Homework Mantra

Do you have homework?
Did you do all your homework?
Where is your homework?

(Chant multiple times every school day while frantically searching for field trip permission form and hot lunch money)

Still a Little Fuzzy on Mammal Identification

Looking out window
Smart baby points and says, "Dog!"
Wait, that's a squirrel

Daddy Hopes Her Technique Will Keep the Boys Away

Loves to give kisses
Such an affectionate girl
Hand me napkin, please

I suck at haiku
Count syllables on fingers
Yours are much better

water water everywhere!
who gave him a sippy cup?
wet, wet shirt must go!

ok, here's mine:


breaking my pelvis
she shot out like a bullet
it was all worth it

Try a Different Octave, Please

You ask for ice cream
candy, popcorn, and goldfish
Only dogs can hear

It's a Mom Thing

I feel a tingling
Familiar throb of let-down
Oh crap, now I'm drenched

Nana's House

We have no rules here
Hurry, eat all the candy
Mama's coming soon

Bath Time is Fiber Time

Explain to me, child
Why you eschew all food, yet
Chow down on washcloth

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