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December 22, 2007


Don't they know better???

Not encouraging the kids is the same as not feeding the bears in the park.

The sign is there for a reason!!!

oh NO!

I know how that goes. I've got a "singer" in the bunch (except she's a little monotone) and she just doesn't quit at one song.

I think the other girls are sick of it too because if I start to sing, Kristin covers my mouth and says "Preeze, no singin."

Glad to see you made it back in one piece! Happy Holidays :)

Merry Xmas The Dad and family! Have fun in Texas!

Oh boy. That one makes me laugh because I wasn't on that plane. Hope the return flight knows better. Have a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas! Hope the flight back contains less singing!

One more thing- treasure the fact that you're "her friend Brian". Your introduction to strangers will be very different when she's in High School.

hmmm... boarding last. We'll have to try that next time. That way we can see the look of fear & panic on ALL the passengers as we walk down the aisle schlepping our 3 whiney-assed kids. (who do NOT have levely singing voices)

It's funny because I wasn't there!


Singing is SO MUCH BETTER than screaming, crying, jumping, running up and down aisles or kicking seats. All y'all - passengers, parents and siblings, oughta quit scrooging and hope she sings all the way home too!!!

Welcome home gang! Glad that you all made it in for the holidays in one piece, even with the singing. If you venture to Ennis stop by the office so I can meet the girls.
Happy Holidays!

And that is why we drive for our Christmas vacation. My kid is annoying enough, I don't need someone else's trying to outdo her.

Actually, I probably would have encouraged her, too. I like to reward kids who don't scream and throw things at me. Mine does that enough already.

Oh wait! She knows ONE, over and over and over again!! :D

Glad you guys made the trip okay. I'm sure everyone was applauding because Victoria is precious, as are her to sisters and I agree w/the other comments - I would much rather listen to a cute little girl singing then crying or screaming. You guys have a Merry Christmas.

Oh my, that made me laugh out loud. (hee hee)

Have a wonderful Christmas!

A singing child on an early morning flight. That'll wake you faster than a cup of joe.

This got a tremendous amount of laughter around here. Can't wait to hear about the return flight.

Happy to read that Victoria was such a hit...as others have written, the other passengers were thankful it wasn't a screaming and crying child. Wishing you and The Family a very Merry Christmas, hope Santa brings you the coolest toys, you deserve it.

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