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January 09, 2008


OK....spill the beans. What did you do now????

It's all relative. Here in the blogosphere, you seem perfectly sane.

yeah, IIIII'm going to go out on a limb and say we all pretty much knew that already.

Oh no, The Dad... don't tell me that in your painting frenzy the other day that you became (a) so enamored of your work or (b) so overwhelmed by the fumes that you painted the children. 'Cause that would be bad. Funny, but bad.

No; he probably painted the cats :o)

Is this a premonition or what? Should someone be calling the looney bin for you now or later?

Will they let you blog after you're incarcerated?

I didn't need to know that, actually.

I would sooooo be in the same boat!!! Especially if someone found me wandering outside in my robe walking a TMX Elmo on a leash.

so we should be seeing you on Nightline again soon?

Awesome. I'll be in good company at the asylum.

I'm SOOO waiting for this story...

Wow, you must make quite an impression since you haven't been in that location very long.

So when you get the Nobel Prize for Literature, and the paparazzi comes around to interview the neighbors, those will be the quotes, right? You meant mental capabilities, not mental stability, right?

Spill it The Dad, what have you done now? This is going to be a really good one, I know.

No, no, I haven't done anything, or at least anything out of the ordinary. It's just life as usual here. I just thought you all might be curious, you know, as to how I present myself in person. I mean, really, how could you not want to know? Really.

What makes you think that this is news to us?

But yes, I'm with the others... spill!

Hmmm... as someone who has read your blog a time or two, your pronouncement is nothing short of obvious. Pray tell, what WOULD they say??

WHat have you done???? Inquiring Minds want to know?!?

We had a "take it easy" day at my house today - everyone played hookie from school and work. No one bathed or got dressed, and we all feel much better. Try it. Sometimes being high functioning is sooo not worth it. Being high on the other hand....

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