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January 11, 2008


That is so funny. Family lore has it that one of my teenaged cousins did that while swimming in the river and the offending turde followed him as he swam away. He's in his late 30's now and they still make fun of him about it!

Can't breathe. Laughing too hard!

For some reason, just like you, I never saw that coming. I'm going to be chuckling for a week.

It's apples and oranges, but to the uninitiated, the trees look pretty much the same.

Oh, god. The masthead. The masthead!

Oh dear god. The things I have to look forward to!

I saw the punchline coming... no really... I'm a dad. But still, told with such glorious eloquence.

Turd stories are (nearly) always funny.

Too funny - I saw it coming [well sort of] but then I have been a Mom for a really long time. great blog!

i just spit out my water.

I, uh, didn't see it coming at all. I don't know what else it could have been, though, in hind sight.

so funny! i did NOT see it coming!

That was hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh.

I literally laughed out loud at the ending (no I didn't see it coming).

Ahhh hah ha hah hah!

Diva and I are sitting here CRACKING UP!!!

Thanks for the laugh.

And I do love the word turd.

Diva: That's deeeeescusting! She should know better!

(Diva's eight)


I've seen the same thing happen in the local pool -- not quite as funny.
I agree I like the word turd.

Turd is funny, but after reading that last line, I can't get "horse apple" out of my head. Mmmm... anyone hungry?

Damn. Thanks for the heads up.


That is so funny! Boy, are you going to have some good blackmail-material when she gets to dating age!

Golden. And I LOVE the accompanying header photo...

Thanks. Just thanks. I have had nightmares reliving a certain incident from when I was about ten for years (I was NOT the offender). You just drug that nightmare into the daylight.

FYI, stay away from the Missouri River.

brilliant! there's a reason kids are cute.

Hahaha, oh my goodness! I totally didn't see that coming. You gotta love children.

Don't tell me you snapped the photo in your masthead right after - you didn't, did you?

I can just see it now.. "Hold on sweetie, daddy's just going to grab the camera!"

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