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January 03, 2008


Happy birthday, you two pretty little ladies! May you enjoy being 3 as much as I did (WAY too long ago...).

Happy Birthday Lila & Victoria!!

Welcome to 3 The Dad! It so far *knocking on my fake wood desk* has been much nicer then 2. The "I wuv you!" flows freely and often.

yes, but now they are three. not to scare you (always a bad opening), but from one stay-at-home parent of twins & a singleton to another, have you seen those gesell institute's book series on each age describing developmentally stages (louise bates ames)?

Your Three-Year-Old: FRIEND OR ENEMY

wishing you two friends in the new year! happy birthday to the girls & congrats to you & your wife for making it another year.

Happy Birthday, lovely ladies! The Dad and Mom, your girls are beautiful.

Cute pic of the girls.


Well happy threedom y'all!

Happy, Happy BDay L & V! Congrats to the Mom & Dad for surviving another year. :)
Best wishes that you may all make it thru Threes!

As the parent of a single 3yr old I must say that I hope for you yours are better. I think 3yr olds are devil/angels... 6m of each persona. We're almost at the 6m point of devil and I am *SO* looking forward to that angel I'm promised. If I don't get said angel, I may have to just lay down and die. Feb 4 can't come soon enough!

Happy birthday Lila and Victoria! I hope you have a wonderful third year.

Yay, they're 3. Your trials and tribulations are over! Right?

(That picture couldn't be more angelic.)

Happy Birthday, Little Ladies! Three might be as tough (or tougher than) two, but at least you get to send them to school...

Happy birthday girls!

Oh, and The Dad... when our twins turned three, my mom said, "Oh... three. That's like Two with a Mouth. And Four? That's Three with an Attitude."

Sometimes I just don't need that kind of encouragement.

Um... Yumm?

Happy birthday girls! And excellent cake choice!

We totally agree. The strawberry cake with chocolate icing rocked out loud!

Very lovely post! I saw a video on dealing with kids around the holiday time you might find entertaining/helpful as well:


You think two was bad? That was just a warm up for being three.

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