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January 14, 2008


In my house, the Cowboy/Giants game caused tears and disappointment in more than just the kids.

Here, too, Jackson. Here, too.

Dentist: [Asks idiotic backhanded question]
You: You'd know where they were if they were up your ass. I bet.
Dentist: *sigh* Probably. Hey, a cavity!

In my friends' household, the Cowboys/Giants game was greeted with much screaming and yelling, but the happy kind--which still puzzles the heck out of their 7-year-old, who, despite knowing that Daddy grew up in NY and moved to PA shortly after he got married, still can't figure out why Daddy won't let him root for the Eagles...

Yes, snowball fights never end well, why do we ever think it will be otherwise.

This post is the my first introduction to lookdaddy.com. Solid start! Glad to have found you.

Those tears shed during the Cowboys game would have come anyway when the Pats trounced them in Arizona. It may have been even worse then. You may have actually thought they had a chance...

That's odd--most of the tears at my house over the Cowboys and Giants were tears of joy.

The tears over this evening's snowball fight, on the other hand, were all misery. My misery.

Oh sweet, I just got flagged for being spam! Go me! : )

GO PACKERS! Better believe my twins have that phrase down pat!

Since the saints have yet to start marching, we at DRY Ink are just pretending this season never even happened. But good to know on the snowball thing. Wow, winning NFL games and snow, you've manage to hit upon the 2 things very unknown to Louisianians.
Geaux Tigers!

Haha... That "in the car" answer just cracked me up! I'll have to remember that.

Personally, I always put the three year old in the large dog's crate and the 6-month old in the cat's crate when I'm at the dentist.

Cheesehead: my girls can say all the good phrases. "Go Pack, Go!" and "Touchdown Packers!"

My blood runs green. Too bad my husband is a Cowboys fan. Don't even ask how we ended up together. There are just some things a person should disclose BEFORE the wedding.

Oh Loren, I'm sorry.

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