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March 04, 2008


God, am I glad you are back!

I don't think that I would want one of those at my house, even if it were in a sealed of room, even if they could still breathe. What would Burger King have to offer if I had one?

hahahahahahahahahaha That cracked me up big time!!! hahahahaha I'm still laughing!~ a dark place...hahahahaha

May I say (once again) that I adore you. Thanks for coming back.

And don't even try to compete with my current standing as "The Worst Parent in the World". Just yesterday one of my three year olds couldn't find something that he was looking for in the refrigerator. Did he scream, throw a tantrum? No, he just said (in a sing-song, ironically happy way) F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck...

I'm pretty sure he learned that at daycare.

So glad you're back.


HAAAAAAA! Sometimes those thoughts just slip right out, don't they?

we missed you. and more importantly, we missed your stories. your funny stories.

Priceless! thanks for making us feel less bad about the thoughts we all think inside. :)

Priceless! thanks for making us feel less bad about the thoughts we all think inside. :)Or at least I *assume* we *all* think them. It's not just me and you, right? Right?

LOL - really, I did!

Thank God you're back! There are a few blogs I read regularly; in alphabetical order you're #9. Actually, though, you're in the top 5!
I've had to bite back so many similar comments that sometimes I think my head will explode - thanks for showing me if you're lucky, your audience will understand!


ROFL!! I think I might live in the neighborhood of your dark place. I really can't believe how much I have missed reading you. Thank you for returning to the blogrealm.

Ooh. I know that dark place. Although more often than not I'd like to seal myself up in a room alone!

You: 'No, I meant suffocate in a good way.'

You are hilarious. So glad you're back.

Watch your back.

That's funny!

Now I feel guilty...

I only have two boys and I have dream of sealing them off somewhere to get some quiet. I am waiting for someone to invent something that can seal off the front seat of cars/CUV/SUV/minivans so that you can't hear the kids - why don't we have that yet? Also -although I have never ever wanted a one story ranch house before - now I think I want one so that THEY can be at one end, and I can be at the other - where I CAN"T HEAR THEM!!!! Currently we live in a 2 story house and I can hear them if they are upstairs or in the basement (surrounded). I really, really get what that woman was sayin!

ps (I really am a bit noise sensitive- I even put clear tape over all the speakers on their toys so the noise is less annoying - a lifesaving discovery).

We should drink together.

Come back into the light, The Dad, come back into the light!

Welcome back. February is a long, dark, cold month. Thanks a lot for abandoning us to our own dark thoughts.

OMG, I nearly spit my yogurt on my Mac screen, I was laughing so hard. LD, you are my hero.
Think I could get one of those rooms for co-workers? ;-)

Hilarious. Just discovered your blog through amalah.com and am thoroughly enjoying it.

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