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March 25, 2008


Wow. The artist's rendering of Ann Coulter really becomes her.

well, I have to admit that the boobies (and the curves of the hips) on the female monsters and sprites were a real draw for me, too.

And the guy friends I played the game with all colored in their books and corrected the "missing nipples" problem in many of the pictures...

How the hell did you get ahold of that sketch of me?

Oh, man, you are such a GEEK!

I was never into Dungeons and Dragons, but now I think I may have been missing out...

I will definitely offer a moment of silence for Mr. Gygax, because I know he gave geeks something to which they could belong long before the Internet came along to empower them to the point that they are now almost socially accepted.


I had an elf, big shocker. Most girls I know who ever played were elves. I do miss the earrings I used to wear made out of 20-sided die, though.

so i joined a D&D group to meet guys when i was 16...and none of them really noticed me or my pal liz. it was odd at first, but fun. we gave up after ten years. i still don't think they ever noticed we were girls.
it was fun though - not nearly as bad as when we were in college (catholic university) and dated a pair of priests in training...who dumped us for eachother!

"DAMAGE/ATTACK"; "Chaotic evil". *snicker*

I knew the Monster Manual was the most popular book amongst my D&D-playing friends, but I was utterly naive as to why. Doh!

And I'm sure a number of my characters were elves. Doh! again.

Thanks for the geek-out moment!

Here's my big claim to geek fame: My mom represented Gary Gygax in his divorce, approximately 1981. He gave her a big box of random D&D books and the ill-fated novelization attempt known as "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.

Unfortunately, an 11 year old who has never played before doesn't make a good DM for her 7 year old sister. And my guy friends were too easily distracted by real life boobies to let girls play.


I keep trying to tell Mike that I'm the only one out there with boobies, but he's not buying it either.

I have to sadly admit that I too loved the nudity in D&D. RIP, Gary Gygax.

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