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March 21, 2008


I heard that the 10th anniversary was the Jesus Seed one.

We're celebrating our 10th this summer by having a baby. Jesus was not involved.

Are they seeds for Passion Vine? Tell me they're seeds for Passion Vine!

Anything else would just be lame. If you're gonna grow your own religion related plant, that plant oughtta be related to religion!

So saith this recovering Catholic

'Uhhhhhhhh--how do I comment on this one?' says the woman who in her ninth year of marriage said 'OK' when her husband, formerly a non-profit worker and teacher, decided to go divinity school on his way to becoming an Episcopal priest.

But yes, we BOTH sometimes cringe at the stuff our boys say after church school...

Has it been ten years? Where did the time go? Holy crap! I am old.

By the way, don't be so tough on Kate Hudson movies.

My hubby worships at the house of ice cream and football too. Our son is wanting to convert, but we have similar by-laws, at least until he's older.

Great post.

I somehow assumed that the Jesus seeds were similar to the Chia Turtle. Just a different figurine, that's all.

Best post ever!!

YOu DO know that you are going to be smoted for this one though right?

As a recovering catholic I have no idea what Jesus seeds are, but am VERY terrified for you at the thought of you being outnumbered by that many catholic women in one house. (Just the mention of my almost 20 years dead grandmother can send me into convulsions because I am "going to hell") Although I must tell you we once had a preist that had us out of mass in under an hour during football season because he worshiped both God and the Packers...he was my favorite priest EVER!!

Heck, if a kid isn't brought up in an organized religion, what the heck will she rebel against in college?

I am SOOOO not offering you free parking for the June NASCAR race. Ladies, have a lovely Easter. Sir, enjoy your ice cream. As a "retired" Catholic, I'm sort-of in both camps.

Maulgirl--We rebel against secular tolerance and liberalism. I listened to a lot of Guns n' Roses and read as much Ayn Rand as I could stand.

Saddest. Rebellion. Ever.

I hear that, unlike recovering alcoholics, recovering Catholics have a lot lower relapse rate, which is why I consider a good Sunday one filled with couch sitting and wine drinking.

Happy Easter, heathen.

You are so lucky! Sometimes I wish I'd married a church-goin' man so I could lounge about in bed all sunday morning...ALONE...(preferably one of those churches where the service goes on for hours and hours)...

Too bad you didn't experience what we then-Fordham students called the "drive-through" mass (this goes back about 20 years). One of the Sunday services was just 20 minutes long, perfect for those who were cramming for exams (particular at midterms and finals time) and those who'd feel guilty for blowing off mass. And yes, sometimes "those" were one in the same.

Glad to see Camillo back on the radar. Happy Easter, you big heathen!

And Happy Easter back to all of you, too. I hope your kids ran in circles screaming EGGS! EGGS! until they bonked heads, just like ours did.

You big jerk. You'd better not let her Jesus Seeds die.

First a heathen. Then killing your daughter's Jesus Seeds. Wow.

Better get the fire suit on now buddy.

(Did I mention I'm a very sarcastic person?)

The Jesus seeds are alive and very much watered, thank you very much. They should be sprouting and healing the sick any day now.

You make me laugh! Thanks...

I just wanted to let you know I left an award for you over at my blog!! Happy Spring!!


Your Jesus Seeds are no match for my Satan Sticks (basically any plant I come into contact with which then shrivels and dies).

haha...jesus seeds. that's funny.
my wife and I were just discussing last night how long we can hide religion from our daughters (the oldest of which is now 4). We don't talk about it, never have, as we are fundamentally oppossed to organized religion. At some point, when her god-fearing little buddies start bringing their parent's beliefs into school with them, she is bound to start asking us questions. Heaven help us!

I married a Catholic, too, but he never takes the kids to mass and he didn't even get them baptized! Where did I go wrong?

Wait! Catholics don't drink whiskey? Can some one please explain that to our family Priest, who LOVES a nice Scotch Whiskey (on the rocks, please.) Because he doesn't seem to get the fact that a 200 dollar bottle of fine duty free scotch is not a tithe to the Church.

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