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March 10, 2008



Thank you for sharing your Dad with me.

Lucky Guys... Both of you!

Your dad sounds so cool, lederhosen and all.

Happy Birthday to Looky Daddy's daddy!

de-lurking to thank you for sharing this... Beautiful words to describe a beautiful soul.

Happy Birthday!

Dammit, Brian. Stop melting my cold black heart.

What a wonderful post! It is also my dad's birthday today and his ancestery is German.

this is a comment for lookydaddy, who made me cry in the afternoon.

Thanks, I see my next scrapbooking page right here... My dad died in 1987 and I've been trying to do a page about him for the past three or four years.
I will now be able to do it.
Stories about my dad - what a wonderful tribute to him.
Thanks for loving your dad so much and sharing him with us. He has a great son!

My dad's website, in case you wish to know more about his pioneering work as Green builder:


The Dad, I come here to laugh not to cry! I'm sitting at my desk at work with tears streaming down my face.

What a lovely testament to your dad. He sounds like a great man. You're lucky to have him.

Happy Birthday, Dad of the Dad.

That was a lovely tribute, Brian.

I lost my dad over almost three years ago. This brings my own fond memories to me. You are lucky to have each other. He sounds like a great man. Happy Birthday to your dad!

Happy Birthday Dad of the Dad! Sounds like you're both the coolest!

This is a post with a typo.

Thanks for pointing that out, Swamper. It's fixed now.


that was lovely.

We should all be so lucky to have our children remember us that way.

Thank you.

Well, now I feel like an ass (like Swamper over there). My dad's birthday was Saturday and I posted no such loving tribute.

Thanks for sharing. That was one of your sweetest posts ever.

happy birthday to the dad's dad! this is such a beautiful post about your dad.


Dangit... I come here to laugh so hard I can't swallow my water. Not to tear up and sniffle over this really sweet post.

(I miss my dad)(yours sounds great -- you have a great example to live up to)

All Right! You are back! I first caught your site (from Karen Cheng) in mid-February. I nearly snorted my morning cheerios at the pool/poop story. And then realized I was going to have to wait...for more. So far WORTH the wait. Sorry about the flu and all. And love the post on your dad's birthday--spoon on the china...that's my dad!

good stuff. thank god it was just his birthday. i thought this was going to be your tribute to your dad who was no longer with you; then i would have had streaming tears rather than just be teary-eyed.

That's not a post about your dad.

That's poetry about your dad.

And I'd love a compressed earth house with extra room for many ice cream bowls.

He sounds like such a sweetheart. Lucky you and lucky him to have each other in your lives.

All of us who are parents would be honored to be written about someday with so much love in every word.

That's so sweet. Your Dad might cry like Brett Favre after he reads your blog, if he hasn't already read it.

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