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April 03, 2008


Your life really is just one big sitcom, isn't it?

That is the most amazing thing I have heard happening in a baby store. Still shaking my head ....

"my wife, sitting not five feet away and bending the room with the gravity of her bulk"

A comment like that would get you castrated in my house... But damn if it isn't funny as hell!

How funny/strange! I'm Korean-American & still amazed at how strange my people can be... I just gave birth to my 2nd & my family was HORRIFIED that I had bare feet w/ a newborn! Oh the horrors! Let me mentioned that I'm in CA, and although it wasn't quite spring, it was in the high 60s.

Also, I refused to change my diet, so again, more horrified looks & statements that I wouldn't eat the seafood soup (supposed to help post-partum recovery), that I kept eating kimchi, and that I (gasp!) left the house w/ a newborn less than 30days old!!

If you really want the videotape translated, send it my way & I'll ask my mom to translate.

The comment about being herded by pill bugs nearly made my yogurt come out my nose. I have GOT to stop eating my breakfast when I read your blog, dude.


Thanks for the offer but we kind of like it incomprehensible. After the initial shock of seeing so many babies come out of so many hoo-hoos, we've grown to like the video and have even made a social drinking game out of it. At this point, learning what they are saying could only diminish the experience.

Bravo, just bravo! What a great post-- how long have you been holding this one back, waiting for a dry spell?

I'm tempted to ask why stuff like this doesn't happen to me, but then I think I'd rather it didn't. Still, it makes for a hilarious and unique story.

Is The Mom still speaking to you after the standing picture AND the "bending the room with the gravity of her bulk" comment? If so, she is definitely a keeper.

When you were selecting your disadvantages, you selected "Weirdness Magnet" didn't you?

Gaming geeks, rejoice! It's a GURPS reference in a parenting blog.


i am having a very bad day and i just laughed out loud at this post. thank you.

Delurking to say:

"Maybe we'll look for just such a person at the Paramus Babies "R" Us."

What? Why would you visit Paramus Babies R Us? Are you trying to tell us something?

Dear The Dad,

Just had to delurk and say that I've been enjoying your site since I crossed upon it by googling "poopy in the potty". I think you're a great writer (and I used to be an editor at Simon & Schuster, though it was of cookbooks). And, since I'm a 39 year old mother of a 2 year old, I feel like we are the same generation--um, but, thank god I've only got one! Anyway--lovin' it, keep writing!

Not to get to technical, but wouldn't that have been in 2004? Weren't the twins born in 2005? Just trying to keep my Looky Daddy facts straight!

Oh God, I had a typo!! Sorry!

2004, 2005, what's the difference? (Actually I chose to write 2005 on purpose to make my twins seem younger. That way I don't look like such a fuckwit since they are not potty-trained yet. Some Jihlava bud you are.)

Oops, then sorry to blow your cover! I'll just go back to lurking from now on.

hoo-hoos? They showed me a movie like that in my all-girls catholic high school parenting class. It's one way to insure birth control compliance!

That is perhaps one of the weirdest things I've ever heard.

"What is it and why did you choose it?"

"Well, it's a box and I chose it because you told me to take it. And for the record, I think they're making a HUGE mistake... ruining their lives. Make sure to get that somewhere between the crowning of the head and the final shove."

I thought The Mom might castrate you just for calling her an "old pregnant lady", 'til I understood what those lurking video folks were thinking.

And the girls really aren't potty trained yet? Have you tried the training undies? They make for more puddles for the first day or so, but less so than regular undies, and remove the comfort of the absorbency of pull-ups or diapers. At least, it did the trick for Kiki, and she's just a couple months younger, and (mostly) trained to undies just after her third birthday (still in a pull-up at night, for "safety"). And you need the support of the pre-school teacher.

As a Korean-Canadian, I'm laughing at the weirdness and the absurdity of it all. You two must be the most laid back and cool people around, letting total strangers into your house and let them throw you a baby shower??!! Classic, they even had pre-wrapped gifts and sadly I'm not surprised with the inappropriate and personal questions. I would love to see the video, I bet it's hilarious. Though with my limited Korean skills I would probably be guessing at what they were actually saying.

oh my. That's pretty much all I can say!

you guys should go on wife swap or the surreal life...seriously.

Poor The Mom! So, were there actual gifts in those pre-wrapped boxes?

First, why haven't I seen this video and played said drinking game?!

Second, despite the fact that I've heard this story before and made you swear about 1,000 times that you weren't making it up, a part of me still doesn't believe that it happened. Seriously, WTF? It's just TOO wierd, even for you.

Finally, like Meg, I too want to know if you got any good gifts?

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