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April 20, 2008


Welcome back!!!

am green with envy. Tell us more so that we can live vicariously.

Where can I get me one of those rows??

Welcome back!

That is an incredible view. Just beautiful. In fact, it kind of brings a tear to my eye.

Can I get one of those for my car???

Welcome home The Dad!! You may not have missed us but we missed you!

Aw, Laura. You might not believe it, hell, I might not believe it, but I missed you guys, too.

From someone who 'lurkingly' follows your humourously explained love for your family, welcome back.

oooh, can't wait to hear! we'll forgive you for leaving once we get those stories...sweet, juicy stories...;)

(sorry, feeling strange, I guess)

Looking forward to reading as well. We're considering Belize for a family holiday, and I'd be interested to hear what you thought of it as a destination for a family with young kids.

Welcome back!


Belize with young kids, Chookooloonks? I'm choking down my knee-jerk reaction, which is to say "NO!" at the top of my lungs, and instead, I'll just say "no" in my normal speaking voice. Belize has got two really incredible things going for it: A barrier reef and Mayan ruins. Neither of these are particularly young-child friendly. Not to say that there weren't experiences that we had that the kids wouldn't have enjoyed, mind you, but the ones we enjoyed would not have been possible.

Welcome back The Dad (and The Mom)! That picture cracked me up (luckily I'd already swallowed my banana--no snarfing this time). Congrats on finally taking your honeymoon.

What, you can't type with 130 lbs of girls clinging to you? Amateur.

Shake the little ones off and tell us all about your trip! :)

Looking forward to hearing about it. Husband and I got giddy at having "date night" on Friday--can't imagine the giddyness that would have set in being in a whole 'nother country.

130 pounds? Are your children particularly big? Oh, I know -- your mother must be one of the clingees. I'll be she's as glad to see you as the little ones.

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